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This blog is to assist expats worldwide to be informed about financial & investment matters relevant to life as an expat.

Moving to Germany

Top tips for moving to Germany

  Top Five Financial Considerations When Moving to Germany Are you considering moving to Germany? If so, congratulations! By this time next year you will be donning your Lederhosen, drinking a yard of beer at the Oktoberfest and will have sussed out that the infamous

Cost of living Germany

Cost of living germany

Cost of Living Germany What is it about the British which makes us unable to talk about money? We just cannot do it! It is toe curling, it makes us cringe. Apparently, keeping mum, is a very British trait. But when it comes to being

Working in Germany

Tips for working in Germany

Tips for Working in Germany Economic Globalisation has given many British people the opportunity to work in weird and wonderful places. Whether haggling on price in a 125 degree Finnish sauna, or trying to understand the business card etiquette in Japan, Brits are becoming a

Top Tips for moving to

Top Tips for moving to New Zealand

Moving To New Zealand – Things To Consider New Zealand is considered one of the top expat destinations and it’s not hard to see why, with its stunning vistas, wide-open spaces and superior quality of life. But the reality is there’s more to expat life

moving to Germany

Things to do when you move to Germany

Things to do when you move to Germany Willkommen to Deutschland! You have arrived. You got the job, got the house, possibly bought a car and now know the difference between KFz-Brief and Kfz- Zulassungstelle. Well done you! Planning any move abroad takes a lot

Things to do before you move to Germany

Things to do before you move to Germany

Things to do before you move to Germany We know that Germans are fastidious about organisation so before you move to Deutschland, it would be advisable to get some practice in! Germans do not just let things happen. They have a plan and more than

Working in New Zealand

Working in New Zealand

Whether you’ve landed yourself a premium job in IT, or you’re moving to start your own business, working in New Zealand is a far cry from working in the UK. You may assume that one office environment is the same as another, but there are

Living in New Zealand

Life in New Zealand – What’s different?

New Zealand is a great country that has a lot to offer for UK expats. Besides being one of the most picturesque countries on earth and with a pretty interesting swathe of different climates, depending on where you choose to lay your roots, research confirms