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Expats in the UK Unconcerned About Economy

A new study has revealed the rather surprising fact that Expats based in the UK are optimistic about the economy. Only 36% of respondents said that they feel that the economy is heading in the wrong direction.


Along with every other European country the UK economy is stalling with still no end in sight. Perhaps the reason that so few people feel the UK economy is heading in the wrong direction is because Expats typically enjoy greater job security and pay than the average local.


That said, among those that are looking to move away from the UK, some 48% cite the rising cost of living as a reason for their departure and a further 44% blame the negative economic outlook for the UK, which implies that  some Expats are starting to become pretty disillusioned with the UK.


However Expats remain pretty happy with the UK, with some 71% of expats in the UK are looking to stay long term and only 7% are actively looking to leave the country.


In terms of lifestyle, expats in the UK hold a much more positive outlook. The country is currently ranked 18th out of 31 countries in this year’s Expat Explorer Experience league table, compared to 29th in 2011.


High scores for integration have helped boost this year’s score. Some 49% of expats in the UK agree that it was easy for them to make local friends and only 26% report spending more time with expat friends than locals.


As a result, 71% of expats in the UK feel they are integrating well within the local community and most, 65%, feel welcomed at work.

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