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The Grass is Greener on the other side… of the English Channel

Since moving to France the everyday lifestyles of British expats have reportedly been enhanced and the contrast between the quality of life in the two countries has now been reflected in a worldwide survey conducted by Lloyds TSB International. Results showed that British expats living in France were now happier than all others.


Of the 1168 poll participants, four fifths said they now had no intentions of ever moving back to the UK.  This is certainly illustrative of two things; firstly the sub-standard lifestyle currently on offer here in the UK and secondly, the more carefree existence that’s commonly enjoyed by the French and what must surely be an increasing number of British expats.


Lloyds TSB International director Richard Musty commented on the findings:  “… expats are increasingly turning temporary overseas work into a permanent move … Availability of jobs and the cost of living certainly plays a role, but as our research shows, lifestyle factors can also be decisive in where people chose to live.”


Many expats have moved abroad to escape the ill-effects of the UKs current economic downturn.  The current state of life in the UK is inarguably dissuasive to say the least and to refer to it as being attractive could perhaps be insulting to less challenging countries.  So just what does the future hold for what equates to a country in crisis and does anyone care?


Whilst these reports show that the grass is currently greener on the other side of the English Channel, it’s difficult to believe that current trends within UK borders can continue in the same dispiriting way.  Although their concerns surrounding the economy are very real indeed, not all Brits are ready to quit the UK just yet.  But since when has patriotism triumphed over practicality? 


By Anthony Standring


Expats Village

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