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Recently released figures have shown a statistic so woeful, that it’s hard to imagine Britain’s future featuring anything but a stagnant, economically crippled country that’s running a decade behind the rest of the world.  The Home Office have stated that of all UK expats living abroad in the world today, just 7% are of retirement age.


After accounting for any and all possible contributing factors, the figure remains alarming at best. What it reflects is a despairingly short supply of professionals and suitable career opportunities here in the UK.  General workplace vacancies are one thing, but expertise talent is surely too precious to be exporting on such a massive scale.


But whilst the UK languishes in its own undoing, these scarce career-advancing openings are becoming ever more commonplace in countries such as Africa, Australia, Canada and the UAE to name but a few.  With developing economies and an attractive pay packet on the table, it’s hard to see how homebred talent could turn down what comparatively equates to the chance of a lifetime.


Depending on your perspective, some comfort comes from knowing that the whole of Europe is facing the same depressing prospect.  As more and more EU economies continue to free-fall towards collapse, the entire EU now stands to lose expert employees to overseas opportunities.  The fact that the UK is still welcoming work-hungry immigrants simply compounds the problem furthermore.


If brawn over brain is the best Britain can hope for, then surely something must be done, before the situation snowballs beyond our control. As experts seek more rewarding employment within a secure economy, revolutionary breakthroughs such as Manchester University’s world-changing Graphene could become a thing of the past, despite the massive scope for development.


Illustrating the seriousness of the employment situation here in the UK is the fact that many professionals who fill vacancies abroad often have to leave their families behind, accepting that online communication is the only viable method of staying in touch.  If educated individuals now have to resort to such sorry measures, Britain’s future is looking bleak at best.


By Anthony Standring


Expats Village

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