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Is Now the Right Time to Become a British Expat?

The UK has seen something of an immigrant upsurge over the past decade or so.  Many individuals arrived from countries such as Poland, utilising the EUs 2004 Freedom of Movement ruling to full effect, and predominantly jumped into the UK employment market. The hypocrisy the average Brit must now display in order to have their usual gripe about foreigners and the damage they’ve done to our country is staggering.


Currently, for every incoming immigrant there’s surely a grateful British expat celebrating their early escape somewhere in the world.  December 2013 marks the end of the same EU restrictions to which Poland once adhered, so yet another influx of work-hungry Eastern Europeans is expected.  This time they’ll come from Bulgaria and Romania, naturally beautiful countries where the quality of life currently stands at around a tenth of that here in the UK. So, the question now is this: in light of our latest open invite to Eastern Europeans, is now the right time to become a British expat?


It’s no secret that the British are a little backward in embracing the finer aspects of foreign culture or at very least, a second language, but unlike most, we Brits tend to move abroad as a matter of choice and scarcely out of desperation.


Despite the commonplace opinion that the UK is home to more immigrants than most Western European countries, this is simply untrue.  France and Spain actually host more foreign nationals than any other Western European country, something that most Brits can surely appreciate given our longstanding love of the Mediterranean. So, whilst the UK anticipates the arrival of scores of Bulgarians and Romanians, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that they’re doing exactly the same, as more and more Brits search for overseas solace within Eastern Europe.


By Anthony Standring


Expats Village

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