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Kenney sets Canadian immigration record… again!

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) have recently released statistics that reflect success for Jason Kenney’s ongoing pursuit of stronger, more dynamic Canada, which has now welcomed a record number of expats to settle in the Great White North. But that’s perhaps the least impressive aspect of the stats; not only has Canada’s population grown by an unprecedented amount, but it’s now done that for the past seven consecutive years.


In 2012 alone, after applying drastic, driven changes to the country’s infrastructure and addressing issues inherent with employment, residency rights, the economy and immigration, the fresh appeal of a new life in North America has allured 257,515 skilled expats into its territories. With an abundance of prospects specifically designated to boost affluence, each expat has been welcomed so as to maintain and to uphold the undeniably impressive momentum of Kenney’s master plan.


With expats already accounting for 0.8% of the population, Canada has already reached twice as much as the US where immigration is concerned and Kenney’s closest advisors are aiming even higher still. Hopes that Canada’s annual incoming immigration figures could one day exceed the 400,000 mark are very real indeed, but how realistic is it to think ahead for such large scale plans? Given Kenney’s evidential impact and persistence, perhaps his hopes will one day become reality.


Kenney’s focus isn’t strictly current; it seems he also has one eye trained on Canada’s professional future, for the changes he’s introduced have also attracted a record number of students from all over the world. Part-time employment has now become an option for some of the 250,000+ student migrants, making their relocation and everyday lives a little easier and more affordable, meaning that future generations could already have a reason for moving to and settling in Canada.


Commenting, Kenney touched upon the importance of Canada’s future, as well as the individual plight of refugees in need: “The government is continuing to move toward a modern and effective immigration system that attracts the skilled immigrants that Canada’s economy requires … This new fast and flexible system will respond more effectively to Canada’s labour market needs, support family reunification, and provide protection to genuine refugees.”


Kenney’s balanced and considerate approach is certainly admirable and it’s apparently proven to be effective in attaining results. With some of the world’s best schooling opportunities on offer and an ever-improving employment marketplace, is there anything that could stand in the way of multi-cultural, multi-talented Canada’s awe-inspiring advancement? Maybe, but I can’t help but feel that it won’t be on beaver Kenney’s watch.

By Anthony Standring
Expats Village
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