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Expansion expected in New Zealand’s job market

After a higher than average expansion in Auckland’s employment market helped bring about equally impressive national economic growth, New Zealand is on the brink of becoming a hotspot for international jobseekers.  According to projections laid out in the recently published ‘Short-Term Employment Prospects’ 2013-2016 report, New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment state that around 130,000 vacancies will be created within the next three years.


Although most of these vacancies will be better suited to those proven, highly trained professionals hoping to find work within the construction and utility sectors, slow yet steady growth is expected throughout the entire employment market.  As openings within the agriculture, construction, hospitality and retail sectors rise, low-level workers can expect to see a 35% increase in suitable vacancies in the same period, as well as a 5% fall in unemployment that’s expected by March 2016.


Auckland and Canterbury are said to serve as the beating heart of New Zealand’s expansion, although nationally, May 2013 saw a 9% increase in visitors that equated to an unprecedented 153,000 predominantly Australian or Chinese inbound travellers.  Increasing no more than just 1%, New Zealand attracted 2.6m visitors by the year ending May 2013, although this is more impressive when you consider the fact that 2012 figures were bolstered by the Rugby World Cup.


The only regions to see a statistical increase in visitors since last year were Auckland, Canterbury and Otago, with Christchurch’s 2011 earthquake chiefly accounting for Canterbury’s increase of 2,600 visitors.   Considering New Zealand saw a visitation fall of 3,700 in May 2012, it’s done remarkably well to attract 6,200 visitors just a year later, although the fact that fewer New Zealand natives left for Australian shores surely impacted the final tally.


1,900 Australia-bound New Zealanders became expat settlers in 2013; a marginal figure in comparison to 2011’s figure of 3,600.  As well as an increase if incoming visitors, this statistic goes some to explain why in 2013, New Zealand bade farewell to far fewer people than it welcomed to its shores.  All the evidence certainly suggests that New Zealand’s prosperous employment sector could provide a new focal point for professional expats from all around the globe.

By Anthony Standring
Expats Village

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