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European asset management uptake increases

It’s thought that recent changes within the international finance industry have inadvertently bolstered business for many of Europe’s independent financial advisors and lenders.  As more people look into professional asset management, activity in the newly invigorated sector has more than doubled since this time last year and some experts are predicting a boom in 2014.


These European independents netted €10bn worth of business in 2011 and €30.1bn a year later, but up until September 2013, they attracted a staggering €65bn of custom.  Put into perspective, this equates to almost triple the amount of activity in 2012 and with a 31% market share, it’s easy to see why previous sales records are widely expected to be smashed sometime soon.


The financial companies managing accounts worth less than €10bn, to whom the amendments originally applied, have also attracted many investors, both in person and online.  High profile banks and other popular high street entities are learning to compete however, and by adapting and adhering to updated guidelines, their demand is met via representatives and small affiliates.


The data reflects the mind-set of many of today’s savvy savers and investors who have clearly recognised the subtle sea-change amidst the asset management market.  The opportunity to save money, promote growth and to maintain a regular income, all whilst keeping ahead of inflation rates is something that’s ever popular with those wanting to safeguard their final drawdown.


With a longstanding, accessible relationship with professional money management groups, independent financial advisors use their years of expertise to manage assets and optimise regular returns via a diverse and dynamic array of international investment options.  Those who demand better asset performance should consult a professional asset management company.

By Anthony Standring
Expats Village
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