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France tops global investment talks with Iran

Iranian officials have been in partnership talks with more than thirty delegates from French companies hoping to secure global investment relationships with fellow industry experts and both public and private investors.  More talks are scheduled for the 4th and 5th of February 2014.


Over the past few months, representatives from the Australian, German, Italian, Omani and Swiss mining sectors have already made investment proposals.  The investment opportunities are simply astounding, as Iran is already preparing a smoother process between them and foreign investors.


In an effort to accurately assess marketplace value and the degree to which they wish to be involved, numerous naturally opulent areas of Iran  are being monitored by world leaders and their advisors.  Iran’s industrial sector and it’s wealth of mining resources are said to take precedence.


It’s easy to appreciate the scale of international interest in Iran’s 7% share of global mining resources and numerous metallurgical companies involved in metal and mineral mining are keen to invest in Iran and its 37bn tons of verified reserves and at least 57bn tons of prospective reserves.


Iran holds an abundance of 68 or more resources including chemical minerals, chrome, coal, copper, gold, gravel, lead, sand, salt and tin, but it tops the worldwide resource list for zinc mines.  Iran’s copper, iron and uranium mines are also rich enough to feature in the same global top ten list.


February 2014 is when the world will learn if the investment proposals they’ve put forward to Iranian parliament will come close to the plans made by French investors who want to illustrate the true potential of various partnerships between French and Iranian companies.


Peace talks with Iran have produced an international frenzy and as far as investment opportunities go, it seems that Iran has struck gold whilst many of the world’s investors are forced to sit back and await the outcome of the talks, before anticipating the right time to invest in Iran’s future.

By Anthony Standring
Expats Village
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