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And the 2014 award for best expat employer goes to…

The 2014 Employee Benefits Awards provides something of a bonding opportunity for all involved in a company, where an expat employer and their employees can get involved.  Expat employees and their bosses should pay close attention to category 13, which focuses on firms with the most effective reward or benefits strategy for staff members based beyond UK borders, in 2 countries or more.


International firms with a large expat workforce can stand up and be counted if they employ global reward schemes and strategies that have proven effective in promoting business whilst achieving workplace aspirations.  There’s an array of angles and aspects to be taken into consideration when assessing which companies shine brightest amidst the myriad competitors.


Past winners of the prestigious award include, American Express and Quintiles to name but a few.  Career-minded expats looking for a change in direction could use the awards event to learn exactly what they’re missing out on and who could openly offer it to them.  Conversely, employers can use the event to highlight their unbeatable incentives and to get free advertising!


So, if you’re proud of your expat-specific incentive, whether it’s an international bonus or expat pension scheme, multi-national pooling scheme or flexible benefits trust, an international shares or motivational cross-border recognition program, the deciding panel will assess all evidential factors, as well as your innovation levels and strategy skills before scoring all such assets accordingly.


Voting closes on Friday 17 January, just 10 days from now, so if you intend to nominate your boss, a deserving corporate client or other such company, you‘d better hurry!  Finally, there’s also mention of a summer party, so click here to visit the Employee Benefits Awards website and to get all the information you’ll need to register your nominations, including entry criteria and costs.

By Anthony Standring
Expats Village

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