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Expect property investment to soar in 2014

High expectations currently surround the 2014 property investment market, where a third of UK landlords who own buy-to-let properties now share unprecedented positivity.  Their confidence is also reflected in the fact that a fifth of the 200 surveyed property investors say they’re likely to strengthen rental portfolio value by buying additional properties sometime before April 2014.


Only since 2013 have buy-to-let investors been upbeat about the earning potential of their rental property, when the worst marketplace conditions were seemingly left behind.  This revived confidence is most prevalent amongst more experienced heavyweight investors, with optimistic small-time investors being outnumbered three to one.


Purchasing buy-to-let investment property comes with a long-term turnaround, so identifying the right opportunity is every bit as important as adhering to landlord protocols when striving for worthy returns.  Before investing, experts consult with local estate agents and apply marketplace savvy to find the best properties, locations or developing sectors to eventually profit from.


2013 activity in the buy-to-let market has undoubtedly proved invaluable in promoting today’s investment property renaissance that some say could equate to business levels worth £20bn, similar to frequently quoted figures from a decade ago. Although the rental property market is seeing more of a resurgence than a boom, the number of investors looking into portfolio optimisation is rising.

By Anthony Standring
Expats Village

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