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Asset management optimises expat investment

asset managementExpat polltakers have reflected the fact that stocks and shares are now being prioritised by expat investors, whose largely unprotected assets are being outshined by UK equity, whilst held in their international investment portfolios. Equity investments have actually grown by 1.5% since 2012, whereas government and corporate bond sales have diminished by 1.1% throughout the markets.

55% of expat survey participants said their portfolio’s asset performance had improved over the past 2 years and whilst one in ten said they’d downsized their investment strategy, 16% said they’d expanded their portfolio and reinvested in UK markets. With investor confidence now returning to the UK market, many investors are reconsidering their options when realising the highest returns.

Overseas investments are often aided by offshore resources, investment opportunities and the market diversity presented. Whether investor migration is a noteworthy factor or not, Canadian and Kiwi investors, whose assets are often held beyond UK borders have remained pessimistic, whereas American and Emirati investors have predominantly kept their marketplace optimism intact.

Expat investors looking to preserve capital and to secure regular income whilst outpacing inflation and realising real portfolio growth should consider an asset management portfolio. Being internationally diversified, not only are these fully portable accounts capable of multi-currency transactions, they also offer savers and investors complete liquidity, wherever they’re based.

By David Robinson
Expats Village

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