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A Handy Guide to Emigrating to New Zealand

Guide to Emigrating to New Zealand

A Handy Guide to Emigrating to New Zealand

It’s never easy to pick up all aspect of your life and transplant them into a new country. It’s a wonderful experience to tour foreign countries and come back home; however, staying, working, and living in a different country is a different story altogether and you will definitely have some challenges to face. New Zealand provides a wave of opportunities today with lower taxes and exciting career options, alongside a more relaxed and outdoorsy way of life, but if you are considering emigrating to New Zealand, there are a few things the travel websites won’t necessarily tell you, so here we cover emigration itself and what to expect.

Applying for Visas
Ask anyone who has done it how easy it was to get a visa and the most likely answer you’ll get is ‘long winded and annoying’. If you’re fortunate enough to have a job ready when emigrating to New Zealand, you’ll likely be able to rely on the company that’s sponsoring your visa to help you with all this, but if you’re moving to set up your own business, or to join family, it gets much more complicated. You do have the option of hiring an immigration advisor to help you with the process, and whilst these can be a little expensive, if you get a good one, they’re well worth the money as they can provide you with valuable insight into how to approach the immigration process, how to deal with immigration officials, and help you fill out the necessary documentation. Average processing times for different visas vary but expect to wait least two to three months for a skilled migrant visa and around 18-24 months for a family category visa application (excluding dependent and partners who can wait approx. 6-9 months) to be assessed. Use this time to plan your budget and finances and you’ll be able to move much more quickly when if your application is approved and your visa granted.

Dot the ‘Is’ and cross the ‘Ts’
Once your visa application is improved, time needs to be taken to tie up loose ends in the UK and set up your life before you land in New Zealand. Aside from the usual giving notice to give to people like your landlord and utility service providers (bye bye British Gas!), setting up a bank account in New Zealand and transferring funds across prior to you landing there, you’ll need to arrange transport (and perhaps storage) of any worldly goods you just can’t leave behind. Word to the wise here – sometimes it’s better to start anew, and if you can get a good price on your house clearance, it may be worth eschewing the approximate £4k for a 40ft container via ocean freight, and spend it on decorating your new digs. Another note – if you ship your car as well, you’ll be looking at another £2k more at least. Arrange temporary accommodation for your first few months stay, but don’t expect to stay in your first digs for long- as many ex pats move on from their first rental once they’ve explored the area better, and it’s much easier to negotiate terms when you’re on the ground. If you’re taking your pet with you, it’s well worth speaking to Golden Arrow – as they have a ton of recommendations for expats on shipping pets across – and if you’re researching online, you’ll find a lot of conflicting information on quarantine.

Get ready, Go
When it comes to actually getting on that plane and emigrating to New Zealand, you’re likely to feel pretty apprehensive – after all, this is a BIG deal. However, knowing you have all your finances sorted, your possessions where you need them, and your temporary accommodation in place should give you the drive you need to get to NZ and carve out your brand new life abroad.

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