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Things to do before you move to Germany

Things to do before you move to Germany

Things to do before you move to Germany

We know that Germans are fastidious about organisation so before you move to Deutschland, it would be advisable to get some practice in! Germans do not just let things happen. They have a plan and more than that they have a contingency plan, just in case unforeseen things occur. So here are our top things you should do before moving to Germany.

Remember to give people your new address. If you are not quite sure where you will be residing then consider paperless billing. That way you won’t miss out on any final utility bills and so on. Germans don’t find debt funny, so having a collection agency turn up at your new abode would be a massive no no!

2. You should be able to organise a German bank account before you arrive and it is probably advisable to have one. Remember that the Germans like to pay cash, or at least debit card. Presuming that you can pay with a credit card could leave you red faced at the supermarket checkout! And remember, Germans don’t like to queue, so if you hold the line up by trying a multitude of cards, you will probably sense the backlash.

3. Germans love dogs, particularly a good Dachshund or Dackel. Likely to be called Waldi or Hasso. West Highland Terriers and Fox Terriers are also popular. Of course Merlin or Chester are equally welcome in Germany but you need to be aware of some rules. First of all you need to consider how your pet is going to be transported and make sure you have the right type of container. Your pet will also need a microchip and the correct paperwork. Make sure this is in order. Once your pet has arrived in Germany it will enjoy much greater freedom than in the UK! For example, it is perfectly acceptable to take your dog to many shops, bars and restaurants. However never take your dog into a pharmacy or butchers, it is strictly forbidden.

4. How are you arriving in Germany? Are you driving? If so, you need to make sure you don’t get off on the wrong foot by having the wrong tyres! Driving through snow with standard tyres is considered to be ridiculous. Ensuring you have winter tyres is the only way to avoid a possible fine. So depending on when you are travelling, it is probably advisable to get them fitted before you leave.

5. Do some research. You are moving to a new country, a new language and a new culture. Embrace it before you go and do some basic preparation. We all know that the English are notorious for being useless at languages, possibly because we just don’t make the effort. Learn some basic phrases before you move to Germany.

6. This seems fairly obvious and therefore it could be overlooked. If you intend to stay in Germany for longer than 3 months you need to go to the Einwohnermeldeamt within 14 days of your arrival, basically the registration office. You will need passports, proof of address and marriage or divorce certificate. Make sure you have these to hand and they are not lying at the bottom of the last box to arrive in the country.

7. If you are traveling with young ones, you are going to need to get them enrolled in a nearby school. Whilst you may want to visit the schools on arrival, the German embassy offers a comprehensive guide to all schools. Do your homework and narrow down your choices.

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