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Things to do when you move to Germany

Things to do when you move to Germany

Things to do when you move to Germany

Willkommen to Deutschland! You have arrived. You got the job, got the house, possibly bought a car and now know the difference between KFz-Brief and Kfz- Zulassungstelle. Well done you! Planning any move abroad takes a lot of organisation. Lists, lists and possibly a few more lists, just to make sure nothing is left behind. Then the move itself can be utterly exhausting. There are nerves about starting your new job and you are not entirely comfortable with your language skills. However, once you have settled in you will be eager to enjoy some rest and relaxation or possibly do some sightseeing. Here are our top five things to do when you move to Germany.

Think about R and R in Germany and some obvious things spring to mind. Ski, apres ski, Oktoberfest, copious amounts of beer and finally the chance to support a national football team, that actually wins. But what about the less obvious ways to enjoy some downtime in beautiful Germany? Granted, hitting the beach in Germany is not something us islanders tend to think about. Do they even have a coastline? It might pale in comparison to the UK’s 19,491 km of coastline but Germany’s 2389 km are small and perfectly formed! A well kept secret.

Head to the Baltic Coast and you will find that most of the holidaymakers are indeed German, with possibly a small percentage of Norwegian people. The weather sometimes misbehaves, but catch the area on a good day and you are in for a real treat. Head to Rugen. A stunning Baltic island which is actually connected to the mainland by a dam. The beaches are flanked with stunning white cliffs and rumour has it that the sun shines more in Rugen than anywhere else in the country!

FKK! Don’t worry, this is not the latest internet slang created to disguise an array of profanities. FKK stands for Freakierperkultur, meaning Free Body Culture. It is rather ironic that a country like Germany, notoriously conservative, serious and sometimes perceived as stern, is so relaxed when it comes to taking their kit off. However “bearing all” is completely normal. Parks, swimming pools, beaches and saunas, nakedness is acceptable. However there are some rules, and Germans love a good rule, so please make sure you follow the guidelines to avoid prosecution.

There is something magical about viewing the majesty of the Alps from the serenity of a lake. Summer or winter, the Alps are a stunning site to behold. In the winter you should definitely take full advantage of the fabulous skiing but the Alps provide a great place to exercise right through the year. Climb, hike or cycle amongst clear lakes, green hills and blue skies dotted by white fluffy clouds. Make sure to visit Berchtesgarden, a stunning village which is the only National Park to be found in the German Alps.

Where do your loyalties lie? Of course your English team will always be closer to your heart but Germany has some world class football teams and it would be a shame not to get involved. German matches attract some of the largest crowds in Europe. Who are you going to support, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund or a lesser known team such as Munich’s 1860?

Forget Liebfraumilch, Germany has some great wines to offer and now you are in the perfect place to discover them. Head to the Palatine wine region in western Germany and treat your palate to the perfect Pinot Noir or Scheurebe, also known as a Samling.

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