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Where to find expat financial advice

expat financial advice

Where to find expat financial advice

If you live, work or have retired abroad, or if you’re planning to move overseas for either work or retirement, you’re going to need some expat financial advice. The problem is that being domiciled in one country while living in another suddenly makes things that much more complicated. Where do you pay tax? How much? What difference will it make if you move your pension or your assets offshore? And where should you move them to? There’s an awful lot to think about and a lot of decisions to be made that could significantly affect your financial future. So not only do you need professional advice, you need the very best expat financial advice.

Why good expat financial advice matters

As soon as you start to spread your financial interests over multiple jurisdictions, we’d suggest that you start taking professional expat financial advice. There are multiple pitfalls when it comes to tax, income, estate planning and investing abroad, if you happen to get it wrong. But if you get it right, there can be some major advantages for your tax status, your pension and for your beneficiaries. Did you know that you can draw on certain offshore pensions without paying any tax? Or that you can reduce or avoid inheritance tax entirely if your wealth is based in certain jurisdictions? So who should you consult to find out more?

Asset managers who specialise in expat financial advice

Nearly all financial advisers have an area of specialisation, so in your particular circumstances, you need to look for a firm with plenty of experience in expat financial advice. For example, Pryce Warner has been advising UK and other nationality expats on their financial issues for more than 40 years. This means that we have specialist knowledge in all areas of expat finance, and can offer a range of services that are specifically tailored to the unique circumstances in which expats often find themselves.

Expat financial advice from Pryce Warner

We can help you negotiate the financial maze of moving and living abroad. Our services include:

  • asset management and wealth accumulation strategies
  • multi-currency and international investment accounts
  • guaranteed fixed-term deposit rates
  • private investment banking
  • exchange and currency services

When it comes to expat financial advice, Pryce Warner is one of the most respected names in the market. We can help you to plan your financial future and to provide a better future for your loved ones. We make achieving your objectives our primary goal and will help you whether your interest lies in capital growth, income or security for your assets.

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