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A safer option for property and investment in a changing world

Property and investment

Property and investment

Warner Global Property and Investment Bond


Are you looking for a property and investment that will be a safe haven for your capital as well as offering you an excellent guaranteed return?

As the financial world becomes an increasingly uncertain place, property investors are having to search harder for vehicles that offer both capital protection and balanced growth. Property and investment abroad is one of the few remaining safe havens, which is why Pryce Warner is introducing the Warner Global Managed Property & Investment Bond. We’ve given our Bond Managers a high degree of flexibility to invest in a broad range of financial instruments along with a number of carefully selected property-related activities.

The result is a property investment which offers a greater protection of assets with a guaranteed 4.5% return—and the possibility of even higher returns.

The Warner Global Property and Investment Bond

Key Features:

  • Three-year maturity, with guaranteed coupon rate of 4.5% per year, paid at maturity
  • Potential returns may exceed 4.5% per year when growth exceeds this figure
  • Investment strategy focused on medium to long-term growth
  • The bond invests in property and equity funds, stocks and bonds, ETFs, construction projects, commercial mortgage investment, bridge financing, international property investment and land acquisition finance
  • The fund is actively managed primarily for the protection of assets and additionally for value increase
  • Existing clients are exempt from the 2.5% entry fee
  • A 0.25% management fee is charged at the end of each quarter based upon the account value
  • At the end of the three-year term there will be a 2.5% termination fee, unless the bond is renewed
  • Available for use within QROPS accounts
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