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Guaranteed depositsGuaranteed deposits

Guaranteed Deposits are an excellent way to realise a significant return on your savings while also protecting them against unforeseen events. Event the best of the traditional deposit accounts are only returning a rate of less than 3%. This is often wiped out by inflation and is also subject to taxation, leaving the investor with only a small return.

Guaranteed Deposits, however, help you to fix a guaranteed interest rate and also protect your savings, up to a certain amount, so you have a higher rate of return and a large proportion of your money is safe, should something happen to the institution you invest with. This is possible because banks insure your deposit up to a certain amount for your peace of mind.

A Guaranteed Investment/Deposit Account can offer:

  • Higher rates of interest
  • Tiered interest rates that mean the more you invest the higher your rate of interest
  • Interest can be paid quarterly, annually or on maturity.

You also have the added advantage of having a dedicated Pryce Warner Relationship Manager, so advice is only a phone call away.

How does it work?
Currency Term
Sterling £ 1 year 50,000 3.50 100,000 + 3.75
2 years 50,000 3.75 100,000 + 3.95
3 years 50,000 3.90 100,000 + 4.00
Euro € 1 year 50,000 3.30 100,000 + 3.40
2 years 50,000 3.45 100,000 + 3.70
3 years 50,000 3.65 100,000 + 3.90

Pryce Warner can also advise you if it is possible to restructure your holdings so you can have better returns on your investment and reduce the taxable amount.

Reviewing your present investment strategy could well prove advantageous and enhance investment protection, diversification and wherever possible, income too.

Talk to Pryce Warner today about how you could apply for a Guaranteed Deposit account and fix your rate of return to secure your financial future.