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Wills and Estate FAQs

Expat wills and estate questions

Making sure the maximum possible amount of your estate is transferred to your chosen beneficiaries after you die is an obvious concern. And in what can already be a complex area, living abroad will raise further issues that need to be addressed to do the best by your loved ones. Our expat wills and estate Frequently Asked Questions should help you get to grips with general inheritance tax issues, but if you want to know exactly how they affect you, please get in touch with one of our advisers.

Expat wills and estate Frequently Asked Questions

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In which country will I pay inheritance tax?
What constitutes my estate?
Do I have to list everything that I own in my estate?
What should I know about executors and trustees?
What will happen if I die before I've made a will?
How does life insurance affect my estate planning?
How can a will protect my children?
What is joint tenancy?
If my marital status or partner changes, how can I change the ownership of my property?
Who will manage my will-writing process?
Am I free to change my will at a later date if my circumstances change?
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