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International tax planning for expats FAQs

Scroll over these common international tax planning questions to see the answers.

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Who manages tax on my international investments?
Will I have to pay tax in the UK and the country I work in?
Will I still have to pay National Insurance contributions when working abroad?
Will I still be eligible for tax credits in the UK?
When will I need to submit a tax return?
Will I get a better tax rate if I open a new bank account in the country I move to?
In which country will I pay my pension and the associated tax?
Why should I come to Pryce Warner for tax advice?
What are the benefits of international tax planning?
Isn't tax planning highly complicated?
How does being an expat affect my international tax planning options?
Who handles my international tax planning?
How can I be sure that my financial and personal information will be handled securely?
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