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shutterstock_261716156 (1)QROPS pension schemes – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a QROPS pension?
How are QROPS pensions structured?
Should I transfer my existing pension to QROPS?
Which jurisdiction should I choose?
Am I eligible to transfer my pension to a QROPS?
Can I transfer my UK pension to a QROPS if it's already paying out?
My pension is largely protected rights - can I move it to a QROPS?
If I take out a QROPS, when can I take the pension benefits?
What's the minimum amount I can transfer into a QROPS?
Can I make additional contributions?
Do I pay tax on the transfer?
Will my QROPS be inheritance tax protected?
Can I come back to the UK after taking benefits from a QROPS?
What happens if I return to the UK before my QROPS pays out?
What if I transfer to an international pension that isn't HMRC approved?
Can investments in my UK pension be transferred directly to a QROPS?
Can I invest in residential property via a QROPS?
I want to transfer my UK pension to a QROPS—what do I need to do?
As ex-patriates of some 25 years standing we have lived in many countries and consulted a number of different companies about our financial affairs. Now as clients of PWI we have finally found the ‘peace of mind’ we have been looking for. PWI expertise, attention to detail & personal service is the best we have ever encountered. We are very happy with our investment results and improved level of income. The ‘passing on’ of our assets to our children & grandchildren is very important for us and PWI has helped us to plan intelligently both for today and for the future.Mougins, France & London UK

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