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Management and Trustee Fees

Management and trustee fees

Pryce Warner has the expertise and experience to manage a wide variety of the financial requirements of UK citizens living and working abroad—from international investments and offshore banking to trusts and inheritance tax management. Asset management and trustee fees are made simple and straightforward.

Asset management and trustee fees are charged on a pro rata basis, depending on what we do for you. Below you’ll find account management information and details of a range of our fees. Scroll over each heading to find the information you require, or contact one of our advisors should you have any questions or need further details.

Management and Trustee Fees - account information
Asset Management Fees - Standard Management Package
Asset Management Fees - Premium Management Package
Asset Management Fees - Premium-Plus Management Package
Having used the services of numerous ex-patriate banking & investment groups I consider myself able to to be objective in Wealth & Asset Management. You have provided personal service, excellent investment results and that is what I was having difficulty in obtaining previously. Thank you Pryce WarnerAmsterdam