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For expats facing retirement abroad, it’s vital to make the right choices when it comes to an overseas pension. One of the options you can take when the time comes to draw down on your pension is to invest all or part of your pension pot in an annuity. This will provide you with a guaranteed income until you die or for a fixed number of years. The alternatives are to take your whole pension as a cash lump sum or to consider other types of investments to provide an income.

Which course of action is right for you will depend upon your unique set of circumstances in retiring overseas. Our advisers can help you to consider your options and advise you on whether an annuity would be right for you.

Types of annuities
Lifetime annuities
Enhanced annuities
Impaired life annuities
Postcode annuities
Temporary annuities
Investment-linked annuity
Purchased life annuities

Annuities are not always the best option for expats who are retiring abroad – an Income Drawdown investment might be more suitable. We would be happy to discuss annuities and other options with you to ensure that you make the most financially advantageous choice for you and your dependents.

We needed to structure pension and investment income in a tax efficient manner, minimise exposure to UK death duties and to construct a portfolio to protect us from the type of losses that have caused anxiety in the past. Pryce Warner have done this extremely professionally. Johannesburg, South Africa