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Portfolio BondsPryce Warner portfolio bonds

Pryce Warner portfolio bonds can offer substantial benefits for tax, inheritance and investment planning, particularly if you are likely to be affected by the European Savings Tax Directive.

Portfolio bonds – a definition

Pryce Warner portfolio bonds are offshore financial tools that can act as a tax efficient wrapper to hold multiple investments in one account. Not only do the bonds act as a tax shield, they also add a life insurance policy to your portfolio, creating a wrapper through which you can buy, sell, assign and manage your investments.

Investment benefits of offshore portfolio bonds
  • Reduce tax
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase net worth
  • Keep track of your investment at all times
  • Individually assigned account adviser
The tax benefits of portfolio bonds
  • Reduce tax liability including capital gains
  • Simplify the way you manage your investments
  • Retain wealth
  • Reduce inheritance tax liability
  • Tax efficient planning
  • Withdraw up to 5% annually and gain from tax deferrance
  • Unused withdrawals may be accumulated
  • Greater control over the rate of tax you pay
  • Redistribute your investments in a tax efficient manner
Factors to be aware of
  • If you cash in more than five per cent of any given investment in a year, the gains made will be liable for capital gains tax
  • If you cash in the whole bond, you’ll be liable for income and/or capital gains tax
  • If you are likely to need to withdraw heavily in the short term, make sure you consider the charges of doing so before investing in a portfolio bond
  • Many portfolio bonds have minimum investment limits
  • Like other financial investments, there is always the risk that the value of your bond can go down as well as up


If you’d like further information on Pryce Warner portfolio bonds, download our more detailed Guide to Portfolio Bonds here

We became clients of PWI after attending an introductory seminar at one of the company ‘Open Days’ in their Paris office a few years ago. Going along to the ‘Open Day’ was one of the best decisions we have ever took. The team in the Private Client Division provides us with excellent service and we are agreeably impressed with the investment performance they have delivered. We are able to access our investment portfolios ‘on line’ and the forward planning we have done to minimise taxes will ensure our children and grandchildren benefit from our assets in the future.Bergerac, France & Oxfordshire UK