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QNUPS Pensions

QNUPS Pensions

Qualified Non-UK Pension Schemes (QNUPS) are a form of overseas pension available to UK citizens who live within or outside the UK. The major benefits of taking out a QNUPS pension is that it allows you to take advantage of better overseas tax rates and it can reduce the impact of inheritance tax on your assets. Pryce Warner has more than 40 years’ experience handling retirement planning, and can advise whether a QNUPS is suitable for your particular circumstances.

Who might benefit from a QNUPS pension?
The benefits of investing in a Pryce Warner QNUPS pension

QNUPS pension schemes we offer have specific benefits, including:

  • They remove your assets from UK tax jurisdiction and place them in a new tax environment depending on where you reside
  • The result can be a substantial increase in income derived from your retirement fund
  • They allow you to invest more than the current UK annual allowance of £40,000. In fact, there is no upper limit on how much you can contribute
  • Contributions do not need to be financed by income from employment
  • You can continue to pay into a QNUPS pension even once you have retired
  • Plan benefits are paid in gross, with no tax deducted
  • The plans offer greater flexibility on drawing benefits
  • The assets held in the scheme are not subject to UK inheritance tax
  • The scheme can be structured to avoid local inheritance tax and forced heirship laws
  • There is considerable flexibility on the type of assets that can be transferred into the scheme, including shares, investments, property, works of art and even cash
  • You have complete discretion over the disbursement of the residual fund upon your death
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We needed to structure pension and investment income in a tax efficient manner, minimise exposure to UK death duties and to construct a portfolio to protect us from the type of losses that have caused anxiety in the past. Pryce Warner have done this extremely professionally.Johannesburg, South Africa