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QROPS Overseas Pensions

QROPS Overseas pension for expats

If you live abroad but have a UK pension, transferring it to a QROPS overseas pension will give you greater flexibility, new investment opportunities and enable you to reduce your tax burden. Pryce Warner is among the leading providers of HMRC approved QROPS—and we offer a FREE consultation to assess your suitability.

You could be eligible for a QROPS overseas pension if you’re a UK national who has lived or is planning to live abroad for more than five years. For an overseas pension plan to qualify as a QROPS it needs to meet certain criteria laid down by HMRC—basically meaning that it needs to be broadly equivalent in terms of tax treatment to a UK scheme.

The benefits of QROPS overseas pension schemes
  • Increase monthly income
  • Reduce tax liability
  • No limits on contributions or transfers
Thank you to the PWI Mortgage Planning Division for an excellent personal service. As Brits moving to France your help was invaluable. Our very limited French language skills did not present a problem thanks to the help we received from your excellent multi-lingual team. The advice and re-structuring of our investments & pensions has resulted in a greatly enhanced retirement lifestyle for us. The fact that professional personal service is always on hand is a great comfort to us. Villefranche-sur-Mer, France.