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International Tax Planning

International tax planning for expats

No matter where you live or your country of residence, you don’t want to be paying more tax than is required. International tax planning for expats living or working overseas needs careful attention as your financial affairs and assets may span more than one tax jurisdiction. Pryce Warner advises clients on a number of methods to reduce their tax burden, from trusts and foundations to setting up international bank accounts to managing which jurisdiction your assets fall under. We provide specialist international tax planning for expats.

Pryce Warner international tax planning services for expats

When badly managed, international tax planning not only causes stress but can also cost you substantial sums of money in tax forfeited unnecessarily. Pryce Warner specialise in providing expert knowledge that will ensure tax compliance while minimising your liability—for either expat income tax or capital gains tax.

Our services include:

Personal financial planning
Taxation compliance
Expat taxation
Offshore taxation services

International tax planning for expats and individuals planning to live internationally.

We needed to structure pension and investment income in a tax efficient manner, minimise exposure to UK death duties and to construct a portfolio to protect us from the type of losses that have caused anxiety in the past. Pryce Warner have done this extremely professionally. Johannesburg, South Africa