Protecting and growing your
investments and assets
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Protecting & growing client investments and assets

Protecting and growing your investments and assets

It’s important for your future financial security that your assets and investments are managed in a way that will provide long-term growth without unnecessary risk. Turbulence in the markets over the past few years mean that professional management is really the only safe option, and Pryce Warner offers a range of bespoke client portfolios to meet individual investor needs. Pryce Warner has the experience protecting and growing your investments and assets while also providing regular income.

It’s important to prepare for the future, for both you and your loved ones, and the best way to do this is to put a secure financial plan in place. Leaving your money in a bank savings deposit account isn’t really adequate and, historically, has always been outperformed by professionally managed, globally diversified funds which will be growing your assets while you enjoy life.

Recent economic events have put saver’s assets at risk and many bank account deposits have only been preserved by government intervention. To assist with global recovery, interest rates have been held at very low levels, to savers’ disadvantage. With returns coming in at below-inflation, this represents a real loss of savings capital. As a result many savers have turned to buy-to-let properties; however, when interest rates rise, the current property bubble is likely to burst.

All of this points in one direction: assets need to be managed and diversified. Pryce Warner specialises in protecting and growing client investment. Our Property Investment Fund offers you the following benefits:

  • The investments are globally diversified
  • The funds allow investors to retain liquidity
  • They have proven track records
  • Investing in this way allows clients a lower risk method of investing in the property market
  • It alleviates the responsibility of daily property management
I have worked with a number of investment management groups and have not always been impressed with their investment performance & level of service. With Pryce Warner International Group it has been a completely different story and I have finally found the results and personal service I was looking for. Having PWI managing my assets has given me true ‘peace of mind’ , excellent performance & results allowing me to concentrate on my business and what I do best.Monte Carlo, Monaco & London, UK.