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Wealth Accumulation Planning

Wealth accumulation plans for expats

As expat financial advisors with more than 40 years’ experience, here at Pryce Warner we understand exactly how important it is to our clients to achieve financial security. Life has its ups and downs and most people want to insulate themselves and their loved ones from the unexpected. To do that, you’ll need to put into practice Wealth Accumulation Planning for things that simply can’t be left to chance.

If you want to achieve financial security, a wealth accumulation plan is essential.

It’s important first of all to be clear about what you mean by that. What are you planning for?

  • Enough money to pursue your dreams
  • Giving your children a good start in the world
  • Having the money for a wedding or a holiday home
  • Early retirement
  • A generous retirement lifestyle
  • Leaving a legacy behind when you go

Whatever your ultimate goal, the sooner you start your wealth accumulation plan, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Expat wealth accumulation strategy

Pryce Warner can help you put together a wealth accumulation strategy to secure your financial future. There are two fundamental principles you need to incorporate into your life:

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Save at least 10% of your earnings
Develop a sound investment strategy for the long term
Questions you should ask yourself
We became clients of PWI after attending an introductory seminar at one of the company ‘Open Days’ in their Paris office a few years ago. Going along to the ‘Open Day’ was one of the best decisions we have ever took. The team in the Private Client Division provides us with excellent service and we are agreeably impressed with the investment performance they have delivered. We are able to access our investment portfolios ‘on line’ and the forward planning we have done to minimise taxes will ensure our children and grandchildren benefit from our assets in the future.Bergerac, France & Oxfordshire UK