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A new guide to private asset management

private asset management

A new guide to private asset management

You’ve worked hard for years, you’ve saved rather than squandered, your house has appreciated in value and you’ve had the odd inheritance or windfall. In other words, you’ve built up a sizeable pot of assets over the years. But what should you be doing with it? How can you be sure it’s all invested in the most beneficial way for you and your loved ones? If this describes your situation, you could be a candidate for private asset management, so read on to find out more about it in our handy guide.

Could you benefit from private asset management?

Private asset management, or wealth management as it’s also known, is not the same as simply seeking advice from a financial adviser. Private asset management takes things a step further—an asset manager will take a hands on approach to managing your money in accordance with your stated goals. So, rather than simply advising you to put your money into a pension, or property, or stocks and shares, an asset manager will actively look after your portfolio of assets, making changes in response to falls and rises in the markets and changes in the economy. This means that your money will be continually working for you in the best forms of investment.

How does private asset management work?

To use the services of a wealth management firm, you are likely to need a minimum investment that may be up to several hundred thousand pounds. If you qualify in this respect, then your chosen asset manager will put together a balanced portfolio of assets for you in line with your own risk profile and financial requirements, be that for security, capital growth or ongoing income. As compensation, you will be charged a fee on an annual or biannual basis that is usually a percentage of the value of your portfolio.

Pryce Warner private asset management

Pryce Warner has been actively managing the financial interests of UK expats for more than 40 years, so we have something of a specialist knowledge in this particular arena. Our private asset management services include:

  • wealth management in line with your financial objectives
  • guaranteed fixed term deposit rates for safe investments with predictable income
  • multi-currency international investment accounts to protect your assets against exchange rate fluctuations
  • tax efficient offshore investment vehicles to minimise your tax liabilities
  • personalised wealth accumulation strategies
  • offshore private investment banking
  • currency exchange with the most competitive rates

To learn more about our private investment management services or to discuss your asset portfolio, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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