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Your private investment banking guide

private investment banking

Your private investment banking guide

Private investment banking is aimed at high-net-worth individuals, and to be eligible for these sorts of premium banking services you’ll need to have a turbo-charged income or some serious financial assets. This is the silver-service of the financial world—banking with a personal touch—and you can expect to have a dedicated adviser handling your financial affairs and helping you make the best decisions about your money and investments.

Private investment banking services

Private investment banking consists of a range of tailored financial services which usually include:

  • banking services including taking deposits and issuing payments
  • broker services
  • discretionary asset management
  • optional tax advisory services
  • financial concierge services

The history of private investment banking

Private investment banking was the original form of banking, developed in the 17th century as agricultural advances made the traditional landowners extremely rich. To start with, these types of services were used by only a very small handful of the wealthy and, in particular, the royal families of Europe—for example, Coutts manages the finances of the British royal family. Retail banking grew up in response to the growing number of middle class individuals demanding banking services, when the personal element to the service became unsustainable. However, private investment banking continued for the very rich.

Private investment banking today

Most of the large retail banks run smaller private banking divisions or own niche banks which offer the service. The threshold to qualify for private investment banking varies between institutions, but at the very least a person will need to have £250,000 to access private banking services. These more corporate investment banks might offer a wider range of services including inheritance planning, tax planning and asset management, charging either a flat rate fee per annum or on the basis of the number of transactions or portfolio performance.

Switzerland has the largest concentration of private investment banking services in the world, holding about 27 percent of global offshore wealth. The United States has one of the most extensive private banking systems to cater for its huge number of high-net-worth individuals—more than three million.

Many smaller operations that offer private investment banking services cater for particular niche markets. For example, Pryce Warner is an asset management company that specialises in advising and handling the finances of British expats. We offer private investment banking services with the added benefit of 40 years’ experience in dealing with clients who hold assets in more than one financial jurisdiction.

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