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Education Fund PlansEducation fund plans

In today’s world, there’s nothing more important you can give your children or grandchildren than a sound education. For expats, depending on where you live, the options may be somewhat limited, and though there are many excellent international schools throughout Europe, they can be expensive. Educating a child is a long-term commitment from nursery to university, and if you are likely to be paying fees the whole way, it’s important to make an ongoing provision.

Planning for your child's education
Setting up an education fund
The education funding agency
Education fees tax deduction
As long term Ex-Pats we needed to take responsibility ourselves for our retirement planning. Pryce Warner have done an excellent job for us in planning for our children’s education & future university costs. The performance & management of our existing investment portfolio is first class. Your level of client service is excellent and meeting with our Pryce Warner Consultant twice per year keeps us up to date on our current & future planning.Bahrain
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