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EFA Education Fees & Awards

EFA education fees and awards are new forms a financial support for education fees being introduced by the EFA (Education Funding Agency).  The EFA is a new government body in the UK that aims to take over the rubric of the Partnership For Schools (PFS) along with the Department for Education.

It is expected that the transfer of responsibilities will take place in April 2012.  The Education Funding Agency will take over responsibility from the Young People’s Learning Agency for the funding of young people’s education and training.  This means that some Expats may be able to apply for support with education fees if their children are attending school or university in the UK.

Though it may be possible to get a bursary for school fees, it is always best to have a back-up plan in case you are unable to obtain them or the bursary only covers some of the cost.  It is also necessary to provide living costs as well as fees for education, which is something bursaries do not often provide.  This means a secure education fee fund will always be highly useful when planning your child's tuition, as it provides a safety net and resource pool should other forms of funding ultimately not be available.

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