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Investment Services

Pryce Warner International Group provide a range of professional investment services. We offer Asset Management, Guaranteed Deposit Rates, Multi-Currency Investment Accounts, Wealth Accumulation & Private Banking.

Investments are available to small and large scale investors alike, and Investors can benefit from low tax rates by holding their investment funds in carefully chosen jurisdictions.

Individuals are often understandably concerned about the risks involved with investing. There always remains the possibility that you can lose money on investments, but the flipside of this risk is that you potentially gain much more than you do from savings interest rates. Savings interest often do not outpace inflation, which means they are losing money, and savings are only automatically insured up to £85 000. When you consider this, the additional risks involved in investing start to seem less problematic. Whilst there is always risk in investing, our proven track record of results shows that we know how to minimise that risk, and keep assets growing.

Our services can be combined with Inheritance planning, so your legacy can be passed on to anyone, avoiding any forced heirship regulations that may apply in the investor's country.

Our wealth managers can help you structure your savings and investments for maximum tax benefits and protection of capital. With over 40 years International finance experience, we know how to protect capital and achieve balanced growth.

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