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How to Set Up a Trust and Foundation

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We will discuss your circumstances with you in order to help you to set up a Trust and foundation based around the individuals that you wish to benefit from the assets and that you are intending to pass on. The specific type of Trust that we will recommend will depend on a number of factors, including whether you are likely to need access to your capital at any time, need an income from the investment and how much control you wish to maintain.

We offer all our Trusts and Foundations through Guernsey.

The enhanced Trust law in Guernsey provides protection against attacks from foreign courts by barring the application of foreign law in determining validity, variation and administration of the Trust.

The Trusts (Guernsey) Law, 2007 came into force March 2008 to the acclaim of the international finance industry. This now features tighter protection for both Settlors and Trustees and establishes a foundation from which Guernsey-based Trusts can continue to provide an excellent basis for successful financial planning.

Guernsey Trusts are not subject to Guernsey income tax as long as the beneficiaries under the trust are not Guernsey resident, and any income arising is from outside the Island. There are no gift, capital gains or estate taxes payable in Guernsey that might affect the value of the assets within a trust.

Guernsey's reputation in the fiduciary world is renowned for the quality of its Trust law and the professionalism of its Trust services. This was recently reinforced with The Society of Trust Estate Practitioners (STEP) announcing Guernsey as 'International Financial Centre of the Year, 2008.

To begin setting up a Trust and securing your loved ones financial future, contact us today.