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A Personal Approach To Financial Planning

Welcome to Pryce Warner International Group, we have over 40 years experience providing comprehensive financial advice & services to expats around the world, as well as nationals residing in their home countries.

Whether you need a QROPS overseas pension, portfolio & asset management, international property, tax planning or inheritance tax advice, we can offer a solution tailored to your needs. We believe financial services are all about peace of mind, knowing that your future is in safe hands, and that your assets are growing and will be there when you need them.

That is why we strive to be completely transparent with our clients, and ensure that they always have the information they need to take control of their financial future. With global barriers to travel and employment shrinking every day, we believe expats will come to shape the future of global business and enterprise in increasingly profound ways. Our goal is to help them negotiate their oftentimes-complex financial world, so that they have the freedom and peace of mind to do so.

In our 40 years of operating, we have grown every year and helped more and more businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Since 1972 we’ve been helping individuals, particularly expatriates, manage their savings, assets and investments, wherever they are globally and at whatever stage they are in life. Our expert teams of financial planners and advisors listen to you, evaluate and understand your requirements and then apply our comprehensive experience to provide you with financial planning and investment solutions that are practical and effective.

Helping you
We are there to help you whether you have a modest or a comprehensive knowledge of managing your own money. We will provide the level of assistance suitable to your needs. If you are experienced in managing your own assets we will assist you in the way that you wish. Our professional management will allow you over time to obtain better returns and a better income stream than from saving accounts. We believe that are our fees are simple, straightforward and pay for themselves. You also benefit from being able to view your accounts 24/7 online in a completely secure manner.

Personal service
Pryce Warner International Group are committed to providing the very best in personal service to both our personal and our corporate clients. Our account managers understand that providing professional expertise and personal service to our clients throughout the world ensures the building of long-term relationships.

Keeping you informed
We make it a priority to keep you informed with the latest Expat & Financial News relevant to your expat lifestyle and also important matters pertinent to your financial affairs. We do this through our website, twitter, facebook & newsletter bulletins. Our clients also benefit from being able to view their individual portfolios through our highly secure web portal wherever and whenever they wish.

Your personal advisor is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Understanding your concerns and needs
Certainly, each client whether individual or corporate, has a unique set of circumstances and requirements. Our job is to listen, as well as advise and to understand your needs, and then create a mix of assets to suit your needs and circumstances.

Our experience shows us that the basic objectives for most clients have common characteristics which are; to maintain and enhance the value of your capital; provide regular income; to minimise your tax liability; to plan for estate and inheritance planning in the most tax efficient way. We ensure that your financial planning is flexible and is able to change in accordance with your needs and changes to your lifestyle or location. Our service has been carefully designed to ensure that you receive the best possible advice to optimise your financial position at every stage of your life wherever you are located worldwide.

Long term planning
We can help you plan for the transfer of your assets on death and advise you on reducing tax liabilities in order that your selected beneficiaries will receive the maximum benefits. We will help you to ensure that your financial affairs are dealt with in an effective and professional manner and that consideration is taken for material changes in your life.

Our Senior Staff
Our primary asset in assisting our clients achieve their financial objectives, you can meet them here.