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Investment FAQ

1. Who manages my investments ?
Pryce Warner International Group's asset managers select the underlying investment funds for each client portfolio. Each fund used has a long term proven top quality track record of growth. Each fund within the portfolio has a dedicated fund manager of the specific investment fund selected. These experts research the companies that comprise the investment fund, to ensure that they offer excellent potential for growth. They alter the composition of the fund, by buying and selling the individual holding to maximise the return.

2. How do I receive the benefits from my investment ?
In the case of regular withdrawals, we arrange for the amount required to be transferred to the bank account of your choice anywhere in the world. This also applies for any partial or total lump sum amounts you may wish to encash.

3. How secure is my investment ?
Pryce Warner International Group select funds and investment products for clients which are subject to the closest and most stringent standards and in many cases are subject to investor protection structures which ensure that investments are protected against corporate failure and fund mismanagement. portfolio values will reflect changes in the underlying value of the investments within the portfolio.

4. How do I send my funds to the relevant investment company?
All client investment monies go directly to the institutions selected. For capital investments, transferring the funds by telegraphic transfer is the easiest option. Otherwise a bankers draft is acceptable. For regular investments, a bankers standing order is the most popular, though in many cases investment companies are able to collect contributions by credit card.

5. Can I contact the relevant investment companies directly myself ?
Yes of course. All companies issue an account number to every client, and full contact details are supplied with the investment schedule. You may contact them directly. Though our clients generally prefer us to assist with any administrative procedures.

6. What happens if I move?
Should you move, we would still expect to keep in contact with you through the normal methods of communication, including fax and e-mail. Using the Internet you may view your unit statements and other account information, review market summaries, contact your consultant via email and access information related to financial and investment markets.

7. How am I able to obtain this comprehensive advice and ongoing support without being charged by Pryce Warner International Group?
Many international investment and insurance companies, banks and capital management companies do not have the marketing and sales forces in place to visit prospective clients, with a view to presenting their products and services. Also many are not allowed to offer advice. Consequently, they offer remuneration to independent financial brokerages when their products are used. In this way we are able to provide comprehensive, unbiased advice without charging planning fees. We are paid directly by the financial institutions with whom we place business. These fee schedules are clearly shown for each and every investment used.

8. Can I view my investments Online to Monitor Performance?
Yes, clients can view their investment portfolios 24/7 online.

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