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Questions for Investors
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Questions Investors Should Ask Themselves

Experience has shown us that many savers & investors often do not plan their savings and investment needs as well as they could do.

Here are some pointers & some questions that you should ask yourself.

  1. Are my investments protected in the event of financial failure of my bank, broker or financial institution
  2. Each calender quarter, what are the value of my investments
  3. Each year what are the value of my investments?
  4. What is the annual compound rate of growth of my investments over 1-3-5-10 yrs?
  5. Are they globally diversified?
  6. Do I have a balanced portfolio of investments?
  7. Do I have enough cash content to serve my need for the next 6-12 months?
  8. Are my investments invested in the appropriate currency for my living needs?
  9. Is there a way that I can reduce my exposure to currency fluctuations?
  10. Is there a way that I can produce more monthly income without reducing the value of my investments?
  11. Have I maximised tax planning for yearly requirements?
  12. Have I structured my investments to minimise taxes on my assets regarding inheritance considerations?
  13. Can I move my UK-SIPP's & Pension Plan Assets to a structure that will better serve my needs-QROPS-HMRC Approved?
  14. Does my present plan really work-see question 3 & 4?
  15. Can I view the value of my investments 24/7 online?
  16. Does my Financial Advisor review my needs on an ongoing basis-at least twice per year?

The above questions are extremely important in assessing whether your current actions are meeting your needs.

Offshore Investment Guide

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