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Typical Expat

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More and more people are choosing to leave the U.K to live and work abroad. There are roughly 5.5 million U.K. nationals now living overseas and the rate of emigration is increasing every year. In fact, there are now more British nationals living abroad than there are foreign-born people in the U.K.

The biggest reason people choose to emigrate is for better career opportunities, with the past few years in particular seeing an explosion in people choosing to leave for this reason.

Research from the IPPR shows that Britons living overseas ore predominantly young (25-35), educated to at least bachelor's degree level and highly skilled. But this only just scratches the surface. Brits moving abroad range from diplomats moving their family to Brussels to young entrepreneurs moving to Hong Kong to builders and plumbers finding new opportunities in Eastern Europe.

Statistically, there may be a typical expat, but expats are anything but typical.