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Multi-Currency Investment Account

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Multi-Currency Investment Accounts can be denominated into your chosen single currency. Like the currency within the account, your holdings will be globally diversified, allowing you to withdraw account assets in the currency of your choosing. This provides significantly higher protection against currency fluctuation than traditional investment accounts.

Historically, our Multi-Currency Investment Accounts have enabled clients to withdraw regular income considerably in excess of bank deposits, whilst also allowing the account value to appreciate at a much higher rate over time.

Please note that these accounts require a minimum investment of £85 000 (€100 000 or $135 000)

The key benefits of Multi-Currency Investment Accounts from Pryce Warner International Group are:

  • Monthly, quarterly or specified peroid withdrawals from your account
  • Distribution in your chosen currency
  • Complete liquidity and confidentiality
  • Portfolios are professionally managed using more than 40 years of experience
  • Access to Fund managers & Global Funds
  • Account assets give 101% death benefit when held in an insurance policy wrapper
  • Third-party custodians hold assets
  • Flexible underlying investments can be monitored and changed as and when required
  • Online Portfolio monitoring is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • International portability
  • Minimise your tax burden
  • Designate your chosen beneficiaries