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Multi-Currency Investment Account

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Multi-currency Exchange Rate and Investment Accounts can be transferred into your chosen single currency. Holdings will also be globally and currency-diversified, meaning you can withdraw account assets in your chosen currency. This offers greater protection against currency fluctuation than other investment accounts.

As multi currency exchange rate and investment accounts are globally and currency diversified, they can help strengthen any portfolio through diversification (and therefore lower potential exposure to risk) while at the same time adding the convenience of having an account in multiple currencies that can be accessed at all times.

Historically, our Multi Currency Exchange Rate and Investment Accounts have enabled client assets to appreciate at a high rate, whilst account holders are able to withdraw regular income considerably in excess of bank deposits.

NB: These accounts require an investment of £85, 000 (€100, 000/$135, 000) minimum.

The principal benefits of a Pryce Warner International Group Multi-Currency Investment Account are:

  • Specific, client-designated account withdrawals
  • Distribution in your chosen currency
  • Complete liquidity and confidentiality
  • Professional advisors with over 40 years of experience will manage your portfolio
  • Global Fund & Fund manager access
  • Generate 101% death benefit of account assets via an insurance wrapper
  • Assets are held by a third party custodian
  • Flexibility to monitor and change the underlying investments when needed
  • Portfolio can be monitored online 24/7
  • Global portability
  • Minimise tax liability
  • Elect your chosen beneficiaries

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