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QNUPS Pension Benefits


QNUPS benefits include:

  • There is no upper limit on how much you can contribute into a QNUPS; this may be of particular interest to higher rate taxpayers
  • Flexibility to be structured in such a way as to avoid local tax liability dependent upon residency
  • Investment potential irrespective of age
  • You can continue to invest even after you have retired
  • Potentially avoids local inheritance tax and forced heirship laws, giving you complete control over how you wish to disseminate your estate
  • Available to UK resident/domicile and non-resident members
  • Discretion over distribution of residual fund upon death of member
  • Assets held in plan grow free of taxation-except for withholding taxes
  • There is a greater flexibility on paying into a scheme
  • You do not need to receive an income directly from employment to allow you to make a contribution

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