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QNUPS Pension FAQs


QNUPS Overseas Pension FAQs (and Vs. QROPS):

What Assets can be transferred into a QNUPS?
QNUPS are notably flexible in terms of asset transfer. Anything from shares, investments, property, works of art and even cash can be transferred to a QNUPS.

How will a QNUPS affect my retirement?
It is possible to retire at 55 with the requirement that you start drawing an annuity or drawdown before the age of 75. There are many ways this income can be taken as long as 70% of the fund is available for income. You can continue to contribute assets over the age of 75.

Do I have to Pay IHT on a QNUPS?
QNUPS are based outside the U.K. and as long as you meet the qualifying criteria, you do not need to pay any UK based IHT on a QNUPS.

Is there a limit to QNUPS contributions?
No, you are free to contribute as much as you are able to into a QNUPS. There is no maximum nor minimum limit for contributions to a QNUPS.

What are the investment benefits?
QNUPS fund managers have more freedom than those of other pension schemes due to breadth of assets QNUPS allow. This in turn allows a broader range of investment opportunities to arise form a QNUPS.

Are QNUPS available worldwide?
Yes, with some reservations depending upon personal circumstances & certain geographic locations.

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