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Retiring Overseas

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If you're retiring overseas first & foremost review your financial options and strategies. When you leave your country of residence, there are several strategies that you can use that can have a significant effect on your financial health and future security.

Things to Consider:

  1. Network as much as possible, either by Internet or letters with expats that are already living in the area you will be moving to. They will prove to be your most valuable source of information of do's and dont's, especially on what to bring and not bother buying and packing up to take to your new home.
  2. As with most endeavours, prior planning and staying organised will help keep you focused and might just save your sanity!
  3. Set your mind that this move is a big adventure, not a prison sentence. If you have the proper mindset then the transition will be that much easier to make. You just might regret that you didn't move sooner!
  4. Don't wait until the last minute to get ready for the move. As soon as you make the commitment to make the move, start making the master list of things to be done and things to be purchased.
  5. When time allows read as much as possible about the culture and the people of the place you are moving to, and be sure to learn some of the language!