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Tax Planning Procedures

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Whatever tax planning solutions you require; whether it be reducing expat income tax or capital gains tax, Pryce Warner can help you. We recognise how difficult it can be for expatriates to manage the various demands of settling in a new country and re-organising your finances. In order to help make your transition abroad as easy as possible, we offer a range of services of which you are free to determine your level of involvement.

Pryce Warner International Group’s Tax Planning Services

Income Tax
This is a tax on most UK income (for most non UK residents) and on worldwide income (from most UK residents).

Capital Gains Tax
This is a tax on profits or gains made on the disposal of assets. There are exceptions and qualifications to Capital Gains Tax, for example, no tax is payable on any gain on the sale of a person's home as long as it is their main residence.

Inheritance Tax
Inheritance Tax is payable on your estate if it exceeds the threshold or nil rate. These rates have been modified (March 2011) contact us to review your position.

Wealth Tax (France & other European Countries)
This is an increasingly important area for expatriates becoming resident in their new country of choice. Please contact us & we will review your personal situation with you.

An Overview of Our Process

  1. Client enquiry sent to Pryce Warner.
  2. Contact you to discuss your needs and long term planning goals.
  3. Based on the country you are resident/domiciled in, discuss what tax arrangements need to made to suit your needs.
  4. Determine your level of involvement in the long term tax planning and asset management process; we are more than happy for people to be heavily involved or let us do the work you.
  5. If you already have any services set up relating to overseas tax planning we will arrange for an LEA (letter of authority) to be sent to you so that you Pryce Warner is able to help manage your affairs.
  6. Help you through all the relevant assessment forms and tax enquiries, providing helping advice and solutions along the way.
  7. Keep you up to date on all the latest news and developments through our newsletters, facebook page, twitter and the news feed.