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Trusts & Foundations

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The received wisdom is that international trusts and foundations are complicated structures. In reality, when thoughtfully applied trusts can help protect your assets, minimise UK inheritance tax and provide the comfort of knowing that your wealth is being efficiently distributed according to your wishes all with the minimum of fuss.

Pryce Warner International Group has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help grow, protect and distribute your financial assets. Our range of Trusts are designed to be easy to understand and require the minimum of documentation and administration. When considering the substantial benefits and peace of mind that it can bring, the short time it takes to set up a Trust could very well prove to be time spent wisely.

In subsequent sections please refer to the below glossary for a clarification of terms.

  • Settlor: The individual who establishes the Trust
  • Trustee: Individual(s) or corporate entity(ies) that manage the Trust assets
  • Trust Deed: The legal document that sets out how the Trust assets are to be managed
  • Beneficiary: The individual(s) that may ultimately benefit from the assets within the Trust