We should be able to be included in this lawsuit.Thank you. '> Placeholders.enable(); Just made another appointment to take it on Saturday to schedule a complete overhaul, which they said can take 2-3 days. They did advise that compression was lost in the cylinders and that was causing the misfires. CAN IT BE BY MIS FIRE. This website provides safety recall information announced in the past 15 years; older recalls are not included. In the mean time, Honda just lost a loyal customer. my 2010 Honda Accord V-6 , is starting to misfire, due to this settlement, how can i get my car fixed. Someone please HELP!!! If not, why not? By . I have now had it in the shop twice due to this misfire recall. I just had this problem start yesterday (2010 Honda Accord Coupe). Car has been back to dealer 5 times and this morning the check engine light is back on.