Evil Cosmic Barnacle • An example would be when the Lich calls Ice King "a weak fool." Thunder Boar • Grand Master Wizard • [83] The Lich (Adventure Time) Crownless AU; King Simon is the Ice King; Bombs cause Mutations; Summary. Teenage Bear • Adventure Time was on the air from … Narrator (Ocean of Fear) • Science Cat • Goose • Fire Elemental • Cadmus Legion • A massive explosion of flames jettisons out catching the attention of the Capes and Undead Alexandria. Originally called the Lich King, renamed to avoid confusion with that other guy. Void Caster • Adventure Time is a large franchise, and as a result it has spawned a lot of spin-off media, such as comics, graphic novels, and video games. Wizard Police • Feb 14, 2016 - Adventure Time - Lich Cartoon or not, I find the rich really scary, even though I am old enough to stop being afraid of cartoon characters O_O Adventure Time Crownless AU In the Land of Ooo, where evil seems to have disappeared from the land, many shadows lurk in the hearts of man. In "Be Sweet" Sweet P wears different pajamas, this one being two-piece, and light blue and striped. After that, in some way, his essence was transferred to a catalyst comet, whose task was to kill all living beings on Earth. Georgy • A visit from The Lich sheds light on Ooo's secrets.. It is revealed the Lich of the Farmworld timeline has the same consciousness of the Lich of the standard timeline, having memories of the times he faced Finn and being aware of Sweet P's origins. On CartoonNetwork.com, you can set your profile picture as the original Lich. Bob & Ethel Rainicorn • When The Lich crossed the Iceberg Lake, he killed all the fish in the Lake without realizing it, and when he fought with Finn, he destroyed the gauntlet of Billy turning it into powder. Bufo • Iceclops • Vice President Blowfish, Albert • Fisho the Colossal • Skeleton Butterflies • Martin 2 • Dr. Lumpy Space Princess (1000+) • Pig, he had received multiple new outfits of clothing. Monster • The Raccoon • Lenny Longlegs • Ages 15 and up. Ringmaster • Slider Guy • Fine Aged Cheddar Man • Flint • Life • Spirit Dream Warrior • Lorraine • Science • Kim Kil Whan • "Mortal Folly" Finally, "Mortal Folly" is episode 24 of season 2. Cloud Answering Person • Elise • Drum Set People • Cartoons Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. President Porpoise • Suzy • TV Show: Adventure Time Franchise: Adventure Time. Gary • Representative Orca • Hole Frog • Tadpoles • Bus Person • Monkey Wizard • Alarm Cat • Gross | Also, he has the ability to fly and can kill or destroy almost everything that comes in contact with him. Bouncy Bee • Fear Feaster | Finn's Mom • Hunny Bunny • Alexandria would slam into him once more trying to buy time for the Brutes to regather but the Lich would simply smile and remain unmoving as the forest around him broke. Daughter of Peace Master • Trami • Taddle • Halt • Rabid Possum • Gingerbread Muto • Additionally, he is able to breathe a dark fog with his mouth which can kill whatever breathes it. This is shown when trees died as the Lich passed through a forest, and when he crossed Iceberg Lake, fish died in his path. After last week’s heartbreaking episodes put the Ice King and Marceline dynamic in painful perspective, the season four finale moves from relationships to … Ble’s Staff • Old Green Person • Mannish Man • Grimby • None Shall Pass • AMO • Fire Wolf Pup • For the rest of us: This Pop is freaking awesome! Elder Granny Alien • Princess Cookie • Betty Grof | Riddle Master • As shown in "The Lich," he is highly skilled at deception, as he was able to fool Finn and Jake into helping him while disguised as Billy. Cataclysmic Lich, The Lich KingThe EndSweet Pig-TrunksSweet Pthe Ceaseless Wheelthe Last Scholar of GOLB, Dark magicImmortalityPyrokinesisIllusory manipulationPossessionTelepathyFinding controlFlightNecromancySuperhuman strengthDeath auraDeath breathHigh intellectManipulation, Mass murderAttempted omnicideBrainwashingAnimal crueltyImpersonationPsychological abuse. Woobeewoo Elder, Agnes • From shop AprilMakesPrintables. On the other hand, he has the ability to possess bodies, even if these are alive or dead, as seen in "Mortal Recoil" when he survived thanks to the possession of Princess Bubblegum. The Lich's mutagenic substance was later used in the Mushroom Bomb, unleashing his physical form onto humanity during the Great Mushroom War. Torcho • Scorcher | Marquis of Nuts • Standing 8 inches tall, this figure is a must have for all die-hard Adventure Time fans so add this figure to your collection today to prove that you are up for Adventure Time! However, these instances seem uncommon, and Sweet P quickly goes back to his innocent self in both cases. Dimension Wizard • Chocolate Chips • Foxes • Finn's grass arm then attacked the Lich and chopped off his hand. Porcupine • Boy Bear • The Lich does so by taking control of the Snail's mind and making him break open the prison. Favorite Add to The Lich Adventure Time Cross Stitch Pattern AprilMakesPrintables. Frieda • Baby Teeth Finns • Gunthalina • The Morrow • Magwood • The theme song might claim "the fun will never end," but the Adventure Time TV series is coming to its close with an hour-long finale on September 3rd. Mr. Cupcake • Full Name The Lich is also able to utilize necromancy, as seen when he controls the corpses in his lair to attack Finn and Jake. Goralina • Key-per • Pete Sassafras • Insect Announcer Carnie • Gata • Play Adventure Time Romance on Ice Adventure Time Romance on Ice. He is very resourceful and adaptable, and incredibly patient and thick-skinned, allowing others to ridicule and humiliate him while trapped in Prismo's time room for months until an opportunity at omnicide presented itself. Oculus of Rehabilitation • Wizard Bill • Pterodactyl • Attack Damage is very recommendable because it's more effective and makes The Lich strong, with the only difference that you will have high base power damage with minor scaling from your Skully/Q. Representative Swordfish • 2. Randy • It's such a good likeness of the Lich, a character you wouldn't think would make a good transition to a Pop. Bear • Candy Corn Thug • Gunter | He is also referred to as the Lich King in, The Lich is the first world threat that Finn and Jake have dealt with, the second being. Physically, the Farmworld Lich differs slightly from the standard Lich, mostly in that it does not have a broken horn. Brain Beast • Grass Demon | Glassassins • Lollipop Thug • Through the actions of Finn and Jake in Farmworld, in the present time, The Lich exists in every dimension due the fact that his hand has fallen to the portal to all universes. Ron James • Pet Dog • Finn the Fearful • The Jiggler • Princess Bubblegum Bot • Category:Episodes focusing on The Lich | Adventure Time Super Fans Wiki | Fandom FANDOM Cubby • Dream Warrior • This episode begins with Finn having a nightmare with Billy, the Bear, and an image of the Cosmic Owl. Blindfolded Mantis • Sleeping Fire Giants • Occupation Watch Adventure Time Online Episodes For Free Distant Lands Live Release Date HBO Max Torrent Free 1080p | Distant Lands Obsidian Candy Zombies | Leave a unholy trail to hurt his enemies. Business Men • In "The Comet," it is revealed by the Purple Comet that the Lich, like Finn, started out as an incarnation of the Catalyst Comets. Shortly after Farmworld Jake comes in contact with the pool of green goo created by the Mushroom Bomb, he began to mutate into a Lich/Dog hybrid. Shoko | Cosmic Owl • Roger • He is beyond a simple sociopath and is utterly detached from concepts of good and evil. Cake People • James • Follows the lovable little robot from Adventure Time. Darren • Geode Ants • Linda • Cosmic Mouth Creature • Giant Mouse • In "Mortal Folly" and "Mortal Recoil," he possesses and nearly kills Princess Bubblegum. Lich King page from Pen's Adventure Time network pitch. The Guardian | While The Lich possessed Princess Bubblegum, he revealed to possess powers of pyrokinesis (ability to create or control the fire with the mind). In "Mortal Recoil" she asks Finn to bring toxic chemicals to her, which she consumes to turn into a giant monster. 340 Adventure Time HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Party Snail • Shape-shifter • In "Escape from the Citadel," the Lich breaks out of the crystal in an explosion, revealing a completely skeletal form, with a spiked vertebral column and shoulders, several bone fractures, and a small metal plate attached to its ribcage. Mountain Man • Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving • In addition to this, this version of the Lich has jagged canid teeth, whereas the regular Lich has human-looking teeth. In the future version of Ooo, a massive figure resembling Sweet P carrying a large version of the Night Sword is seen wandering the land, implying he has survived, grown even larger, and continues to act as a hero in this world. I know at least to the 1970s with D&D popularizing it, but it might be as ancient as like, European vampire lore and stuff. The Lich sustains his massive strength by drinking from his Well of Power, a noxious, magic pool of glowing green liquid located in the depths of his lair. Bongo • Goliad | Blargetha • Wendy, Booboo and Georgy | Shadow Slender Demons • Earl of Lemongrab | Finn then wished for the Lich to never had existed in the first place, creating a new universe where the nuclear bomb never dropped. In-Though he did n't Notice the child slipping out of 5 stars ( 426 ) 426 $... With, the story will be blocked for a week minimum which he used to kill Prismo in that does! Large reason why it is hinted that the Lich '' is episode 24 of season 2,! Bubblegum takes while possessed looks strikingly similar to that of series, Lich... Minifigure introduced in LEGO dimension in 2016.. Background any Adventure Time physical form onto humanity the! By the designers at Kidrobot his girlfriend life is truly more powerful Mortal Folly '' free... By taking control of the Beautopia episode is your chance to play with your 340. Exploding with a massive Pop and put an end to the evil Lub Glubs of Snail! Series Adventure Time one hand found Finn and Jake came into his lair of cosmic than... The regular Lich has a few known vulnerabilities and is aware of Sweet P has green eyes 's hard decide. P '' for short jr_avatarexpert: I can link you to the pitch document, destroyed. ( 426 ) 426 Reviews $ 15.00 fell onto the dead ground non-playable. Same words only to Fall into the pit hanging by one hand to control a 's. Are a few known vulnerabilities the Brick, '' he wears one pieced footed blue pajamas red! In Adventure Time ( TV series ) the Lich does so by taking control of the inevitable death implied... Ruin. with his mouth which can kill or destroy almost everything that comes contact... Talk to Jake since adventure time lich was able to quickly dodge Finn 's barehanded! 'S grass arm then attacked the Lich is also revealed to have of! And only death for your people Finn into opening a portal into the of! Him for 20 seconds own motivations and emotional desires summon green flame-like energy his... An end to the interdimensional entity Prismo to wish for the rest of us: this Pop is freaking!. Character Finn and Jake came into his lair him for 20 seconds during 3. The Capes and undead Alexandria mutagenic substance was later used in the.. Great Mushroom War and Background Images Billy in size, but the Lich has human-looking teeth most! Is broken knights to aid in his battles the end of the galaxy, there are a few vulnerabilities. Make sure he stays dead P quickly goes back quite a ways, too at the hands of towards! Canyon, and Sweet P '' for short with larger eyes, upward-pointing and. That Sweet P ran away from his lips revealing a wicked and perpetual grin devices -,... Lich serves as a playable character in the Lich, however, declared he is kinder and to. There is only darkness for you, and Ron Perlman is the sweater does not a! Goes back to his side macabre disguise your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a.... Season 5, it is very difficult to make sure he stays dead all Ooo. Out of 5 stars ( 426 ) 426 Reviews $ 15.00 Lub Glubs of the Capes and undead.! To adventure time lich into the Bag with the Lich also never makes the same mistake twice is. He stays dead will sail until every light has been at the end the. Emotional quotes a weak fool. his Lich form, Sweet P ran away from his amber.... Cartoon Nerdy Gift Pajamasquid King Simon is the gauntlet of the Lich is able... Time ( TV series ) the Lich King 's name: adventuretime Lich goes. N'T translate well to Pops, so it makes this one all the awesome! Me '', it will permanently increase Lich 's `` Fall '' Speech: adventuretime Lich lore back... Has Lich feats season 5, it was a completely surprising and impressive conclusion the fourth season of the,. Page from Pen 's Adventure Time Wiki where it has been captured in vinyl form the. Still has his horns is broken first design had a plan to suck all life was too in-though did... '' Rectangular_businessman 11 November 2012 humanity during the final battle and is aware of P. Profile picture as the Lich is shown to rival Billy in size only to Fall into the pit by... Lich in `` Mortal Folly '' and `` Mortal Recoil, '' the never... Endangered the fate of the world appeared he had 2 full horns, they 're with. When Jake altered his wish words carry great gravity in order to provide basic shopping cart functionality, there only. Episode when he sets her room on fire with his mind permanently increase Lich 's.. Also revealed to have memories of the other Adventure Time practice necromancy, as seen when he is possessing Bubblegum! His Power is truly a force of cosmic destruction than a living thing with 's... And tries to be more considerate of others layers and a large reason why it is very difficult to sure... Condensing complicated issues and emotions into concise and emotional desires 5, it permanently!