Only thing is that I noticed I reach for the delete and arrow keys still, which aren't there. I am extremely happy with my purchase. This is the best keyboard I've ever had and I think you should pick one up for yourself! FREE Shipping. The Ducky One 2 Mini is one of the newest and most exciting launches for Ducky. Best Price and Best Quality! Mechanicalkeyboards has had great shipping service so far I'm definitely going to/and have already order more from them in the future. So i just went safe and bought the Ducky, however was it really worth 2x price tag (include shipping)? I looked at various other 60% keyboards such as the Vortex P0k3r and the Massdrop ALT. The One 2 TKL is built a lot better but the size of the mini is more appealing to me. It's a small profile and saves a lot of space. This isn't a problem in gaming but more for typing literally anything out. Just got my ducky one 2 mini yesterday and I LOVE it, I have cherry Mx red and the sound and feel of each click is amazing, it's so small I can position it any way I'd like, while claiming back as much real estate as I can on my mouse pad. The keyboard is worth the money. Sammenlign. My other mechanical keyboards do turn off. fra 899 kr. Very annoying. Top notch quality,it has weight to it and is sturdy. For more information on the HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini global availability, please visit the HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini product page. Skip to main content. Buy this board in your favorite switch type! So kommen die gewohnt zuverlässigen Cherry MX-Switches zum Einsatz und werden von Ducky mit PBT-Double-Shot-Tasten kombiniert. The keys feel great. I hope a fix comes soon as this is my only keyboard and its incredibly irritating having to backspace each time I write. I've updated my firmware but the issue is still there. Ducky One2 Mini RGB Keyboard, DKON1861ST-SUKPDAZT1, 60% Size Keyboard, UK Layout It is silent, and fast. However it is a 1 when it comes to easy transport due to its light weight. Ducky DKON2061ST One 2 Mini Pure White RGB Cherry MX Red (Nordic) 5,0. 4 product ratings - Ducky One 2 Mini RGB LED 60 Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Brown. For example if your just regularly typing and switching the rgb it WILL WORK. I also really like the spare spacebar and randomly colored extra keycaps. I've had this keyboard for about a year now and I have some things to say. I have got to say, the space bar and delete key are both AMAZING. Coming from a Vortex RGB that I owned for 7 months, I bought this keyboard recently and only spent a few hours with it so far. NA. This keyboard is awesome. UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE! Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White - Mini RGB Cherry MX Switch PBT Keycap 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard(Cherry MX Brown) 4.3 out of 5 stars 22. Yes i am on the latest firmware, my Entire lower half of my board double clicks now. Great product highly recommend. Best keyboard I've ever used. you should buy this thing right now, great keyboard besides the fact that you can see a huge screw in the middle of the board and the key caps have some rattle to them, one of the best keyboards i ever had 10/10 got it in 4 days, Amazing keyboard. It's upsetting as it seems like this product was not tested before being shipped out so that says something about the Quality Assurance for this company. $115.50. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. Cons: My first keyboard had a double typing issue. Overall, its a great board, but having to send it back 2 times already, kinda frustrating. Har … I like this keyboard love the silver switches they have a good sound good actuation point bearly touch them it activates they as fast as the apex pro for both reagular,TKL and if not faster 1.2mm. TO EVERYONE GIVING 1 STAR REVIEWS BECAUSE OF DOUBLE KEY TYPING HAPPENING (chattering). I personally don't have one but I am definitely saving up for it, and I'm excited. Feels solid. The keyboard is sturdy, and the key press is smooth with a nice feel at the bottom, the silent reds live up to their name, these switches should not cause problems with roommates or coworkers. 0kMike says: 8 months ago 5/5/2020 7:53 PM I got the Ducky One 2 mini pure white as my first small form factor mechanical keyboard a few days ago, so please bear with me if my questions are stupid. I love this keyboard, the build quality is amazing! That's because one of the spacebar switches is faulty and needs to be replaced. It feels solid to type on and the stabilizers are fantastic which is a first for me after using Razer and Corsair keyboards. Smaller size, but no functions sacrificed Supports Ducky Macro V2.0 and. This keyboard is very mobile. Also, this is the best keyboard EVER if you do any type of IT work like working on servers or terminals or even just fixing/troubleshooting PCs. I have the Silent Red switches and the material of the key caps makes it feel so satisfying when you type. Slow shipping but its cool. As older servers you have to reboot into BIOS if you forgot or don't have a mouse on you. Would be nice if you could choose the color for the key caps though but still, it is amazing! As a Mini ITX PC enthusiast, I have always been fond of powerful tech in small packages, but I had yet to try a 60% keyboard until now. I highly recommend this keyboard to everyone, its really good! I recommend cherry mx silent reds or just cherry mx reds, they are quiet and linear, its good for gaming. I do NOT recommend this keyboard at all! Ducky DKON2061ST One 2 Mini Pure White RGB Cherry MX Red (Nordic) 5,0. I know they are loud switches but this is absolutely tooo loud. Beautiful keyboard. Im loving the cherry mx red silents its so quiet and amazing. space is clacky and number keys are clicky and everything else is rather smooth but still really annoying. mkeyboards far exceeded my expectations. Especially the Keycaps themselves feel amazing and the quality you get for just 99$ is amazing. Like I said little hard to learn but didn't help that it didn't come with a manual on how to use the thing. Absolutely amazing keyboard. This feature minimizes the delay of when the keys are being pressed and signal received by the computer. From:Josh. small will fit in almost every table you have. You are the main reason talented players such as my self and countless others are unable to get the adiquate equipment for streaming or tournaments. This page was last updated: 09-Jan 18:25. Brand New. I was using Ducky One2 Mini RGB for over a month now and all of sudden it's dead and doesn't respond. - The 60% size keyboard still offers the functionality of the full-size keyboard with the use of the FN / Function key. Haven't gotten my order yet but I WAS NOT SENT BY TFUE. The 60% ANSI Keyboard is a great price to performance keyboard that offers you Cherry MX Switch quality with high-end design. At first the skip/pause/next track macro was not working (Spotify) before the update. Grab one. Would highly recommend this keyboard! Great keyboard! Would highly recommend. While its "weird" getting used to not having basic keys like "Delete" in normal spots and instead under a "Fn" key combo, i love it! This keyboard is honestly the best keyboard I've ever used. No other keyboard offers such variety and I find myself using the 3 levels, no risers, small risers, and large risers depending on my location and what I'm doing on the keyboard. This keyboard is stable and durable but if you push against the sides, you would hear tiny clicks but it isn't a big thing to worry about. A rendkívül karcsú és stílusos Ducky One 2 Mini billentyűzet mérete egy normál billentyűzet 60%-át teszi ki. I'm a Fortnite streamer and trying to be a pro player, this has everything I need, small, compact size for more mouse room. I play R6S (Plat 2) so I had no idea who TFUE was until I saw kids on here saying TFUE sent them. i was really upset with this keyboard after about 4 months of use i started to get the key chatter that everyone talks about, but as soon as i updated the firmware this issue was solved, i hope that helps everyone else. These new switches feel like an extreme upgrade. Took no time getting used to and the switches are better than expected. It came down to personal preference really. If you are on the fence about getting a 60% keyboard because of the apparent loss of functionality do not be deterred because this keyboard in particular makes it extremely easy to access all function keys and even arrow keys. Free Shipping by Amazon. I absolutely love this keyboard. There is a lot of hype around this keyboard, and now I understand why. The PBT Doubleshot caps our amazing. C $76.00. It's very good and plus it looks nice. LEDs look nice, different cycles you can choose from. You are causing a shortage in PC peripherals. I picked this board up after trying out my friend's board. I bought this as my first mechanical keyboard and I am not disappointed. I know many Twitch streamers use this keyboard and use custom keycaps, but I honestly think that the keycaps on this keyboard are better than most, so there's no need to switch them out. Very good keyboard very stirdy and has 0 ping at all, highly recommend. Not to crazy for it, but i can see the usage to match someone's setup. Pros: Product packaging was great. Tons of extra keycaps as well! it is good.the first time i played with this i got 21 kills it is crazy! The keys chatter while you type. The sound is amazing, switches are buttery and the stabilizers are amazing! Worth the wait, much more comfortable than a full keyboard. Mechanical. Hes great man thanks again brother hooah! or Best Offer +C $25.00 shipping. Sometimes when i press a key once it will be entered like 10-20 times. To stand out in the crowd we chose to use PBT seamless double-shot keycaps. The shipping is very fast, from the US to Switzerland only took about 1 week! Ducky One 2 SF RGB LED 65% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard. I'm in the process of RMA'ing this so hopefully it gets fixed. from what I've heard its an amazing keyboard! Please note: the firmware on this product page should fix the issue you're describing. People compare Ducky to Anne Pro 2 but honestly their isnt a comparison to be made! Nice and very clicky and the RGB looks great. The stabilizers are great, and just a little or no spacebar rattle at all. This keyboard is a little more than a pound. -Pretty nice looking keyboard This no doubt has the best keystroke, but manufacturing could be better as I touch the side the board creaks. Overall this is my best keyboard and I'm no longer planning on making a custom one. Got it in blues also, Keyboard is awesome feels amazing, went with brown switches and am happy I did because this keyboard is flawless, I ordered this on the 17th of December and was told to expect it Mid to the end of January, I just recieved it today on the 2nd and cant be happier with it,, feels amazing and is worth the wait, wasn't too long, but still worth, ENJOY fellow Tfue fans. Title: Ducky_One2_mini_usermanual_V3_20181026_ol Created Date: 10/26/2018 11:09:19 AM HyperX is proud to present the HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini in collaboration with Ducky. Time left 6d 10h left. - This video shows gameplay with a handcam of the Apex Pro TKL and the Ducky One 2 Mini. Ducky One 2 Tuxedo TKL Cherry MX Brown (Nordic) Mechanical. I also love the RGB features of this keyboard. The Ducky One 2 Mini is an excellent gaming keyboard that has a unique style. ill probably buy more when newer models comes out, its a great product, great company, high quality. The key switches I bought with the keyboard are the Cherry MX Silent reds, and these feel great. Only giving it 4/5 because it took almost 2 months to ship. Ducky one 2 Mini White - Cherry MX Silent Red Swicth - Version 2 (Year of The Rat Spacebar) [Macintosh,Playstation,Windows,Windows_Vista,Windows_xp]… 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $214.99 $ 214 . very cool keytboard just very stupid you cant chose you're colour 'cause i have bleu an i don't really like it, Dear:Ducky - Compact size and great spacing in the key layout. Paid expedited and International options are also available. To everyone that deserves a Ducky: Ducky ONE 2 Mini, Cherry MX Red, černá DKON2061ST-RUSPDAZT1 - Herní mechanická klávesnice s RGB podsvícením, výkonnými spínači Cherry MX Red a výbornou hráčskou odezvou 1 ms, životnost 50 miliónů kliknutí, rozhraní USB - C, vyměnitelné klávesy, layout US, 3 polohy pro snadné psaní a obsluhu. Another complaint I found with this keyboard is keycaps, they feel a little flimsy but nothing too noticeable. The One 2 can be adjusted into three placement angles, optimizing typing comfortability and legend visibility. Good luck. I have cleaned it and I have downloaded the latest firmware and problems still persist. The keyboard itself is great, but the software built into it leaves a lot to be desired. Out of nowhere I get blasted with this key chatter I see people talking about, even after following the recommended troubleshooting of updating and cleaning the board. Highly reccomend ducky and, Bought it because of tfue and needed a new keyboard. And Q for left click and E for right click. The user manual was easy to navigate and setting up the LED lighting effects was a breeze. I ordered this 3 days ago and got it today. French : Je vous conseil a fond ce clavier il est super, surtout avec les switchs marrons qui ne sont pas tres bruyant et qui ont un confort de frappe sublime !! Big fan coming from more expensive keyboards. I've been using a Corsair K70 RGB with the same switches for the past 4 years and I've enjoyed it, but it's very dirty, and some of the LEDs have stopped working, so I wanted a secondary keyboard to use mostly for gaming (Destiny 2). My initial impression was great - Great Apple like packaging with extra keycaps. I also replaced the caps it came with to the HyperX pudding caps and it felt no different and did not change the feel to the keyboard. Great keyboard. Looks great with untraviolet keycaps, and is compact, light and has 8 lighting modes, which you can change by pressing FN Alt T, so really simple. Definitely recommend this keyboard 100%. Some things that could've been improved: CONS: I WAS SENT BY TFUE. I'm not the only one with this issue. Love how small the board is and the key caps are one of best on the market feel good when typing or gaming. I was a bit worried about this, considering its form and the missing keys, but with Ducky's side-printed function keys, I've become very familiar with working around the lack of feature keys. The keyboard is great, no flex, the keycaps feel really thick and strong, and the switches feel responsive. Just received my ducky one 2 mini with cherry mx speed silver switches and oh my god. one of the nicest if not the nicest keyboard i've ever owned, it's a little compact but it's what you expect when you buy a 60% keyboard. See each listing for international postage options and costs. - The two options of risers on this keyboard are quite incredible. It a nice keyboard if you need space then you should but this keyboad. Ducky One 2 Mini Keyboard, Used Keyboards and Mice For Sale in Broadford, Kildare, Ireland for 100.00 euros on ... on eBay Ireland Ireland Only UK & Ireland European Union Worldwide. The brown switches are insaaaaanes !!!! I've several years of experience working with mechs, and I'm sure you can imagine my surprise and disappointment when I pull the caps off and stems are cracked like crazy. Customs services and international tracking provided. Not really Linux (or Mac) compatible. I just ordered this keyboard with the Cherry MX Brown switches! This has become my daily driver over my Filco majestouch 2 mainly because the desk space I save. The HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini is a limited-edition collaboration that fuses Ducky's great build quality and innovation with HyperX style and technology. (If you want even more RGB, buy the HyperX pudding keycaps!). The lighting is fun to play with as well as program. They still feel like a good mechanical switch but they are truly silent. i'm very happy it did't take as long as people say it takes. I don't have the order number because my cousins bought it for me. One 2 Mini RGB Pure White släpps nu i 2020 Edition och gör ett bra tangentbord ännu bättre. Overall my favorite keyboard! I got the red switches they are clicky but if you want really clicky id go with the blue. Buy it for the stabilizers. I personally got the brown switches. Coming from the Razer blackwidow which sounds awesome with the clickingness but gets too loud when gaming with friends as they could hear my keyboard 24/7. As a programmer, I noticed this almost immediately. first gaming keyboard I'm very happy and excited to get my keyboard and try out something other then a controller. This keyboard is also surprisingly heavy. Now it's done. Just received Mine yesterday. I received my tracking number 4 days later & received it on the 22nd. Shipping was perfect and literally have no issues with it what so ever would recommend to anyone! I got brown switches and typing and gaming on them are a breeze. I even updated to the latest firmware that was supposed to fix this issue, still no luck. I contacted customer support in which they are happy to replace it however that means that I will be out of a keyboard doe 2-3 weeks which I no one wants to go through. I bought this keyboard January 2019 and this issue started happening in May. I am actually typing on it right now and it feels phenomenal. Would highly recommend. I don't know if something happened to it in the manufacturing or if It was damaged in the shipping, the USB port was non response and the plug would just fall out every time I try to plug it in. To all Tfue fans: This keyboard is gorgeous. This might only apply to me but some times the keyboard doesn't register, mainly the space, I, and enter keys. Honestly wish i knew about this keyboard much much much more sooner then now This is the best keyboard after having a Razer, HyperX, and Corsair this if by far the most premium feel and best brand in general. i'm really please with the quality of the keyboard an i got my really fast. I have owned different Ducky keyboards through the past 5 years and am a big fan. I am about to return the keyboard and find another mac supported keyboard, Ich finde die Tastatur am besten sie ist mega gut f�r das zocken. Ducky One2 Mini 60% RGB USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Brown Cherry MX Switch UK Layout Our comments box is a great way for you to view other people's … Ducky One 2 Mini är utrustat med MX Cherry brytare och högkvalitativa tangenter i PBT-plast vilket tar kvalitén till en ny nivå. Varieties of colorways available. PBT Double-Shot Seamless Keycaps I had to send it back just before Xmas due to the R key having issues. This is my first mechanical keyboard and i'm beyond happy with the results. I think it's actually the best on the market ! This is actually the second one that I own, First one being a silent red and boy can I say that i love this keyboard. I really recommend you guys buying. The functionality of the keyboard is great, and the RGB flows very well. Nina 60% Ash Wood Acrylic Keyboard Display (MK). You won't regret it! It is an outstanding keyboard with outstanding performance. Feels durable and the keystrokes are smooth as butter. 5 star, its fast, stylish and awesome. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. From United Kingdom. or Best Offer. I went with the silent red switches and they are very quiet. I got the brown Cherry switches, and the RGB is gorgeous. The keycaps are solid and have a great feel, the red silent switches are so smooth, and the stabilizers feel really nice! I have brown switches and these feel very good. Also tfue uses it, and I killed him so basically I'm better than him. All the keys feel great, looks super clean, loving it for gaming right now. This keyboard came fairly quick. Ducky even gives you extra color keycaps. Took around 32 days to get to my house, wish they would speed the process up. Thanks Ducky. Keyboard Interface: USB Type-C Design Style: Mechanical Key Switch Type: Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Color: White Model #: Ducky One 2 SFWhit Return Policy: View Return Policy $169.99 – For the size, the weight and durability are amazing and you won't regret going with these keyboards. This is not really worth 99 dollars sometimes i type the letter it wont even work and i use this keyboard for 1 month so please dont waste your money. It's worth it. It is a little bit more towards the "expensive side" however and the demand is quite big, so why did i choose this instead of the Anne Pro 2 for example? Personally, I don't have the need to change function keys so this is acceptable for my use. Went from the Corsair K95 Platinum Cherry MX Speeds to this and all i can say is wish I never bought that 200$ keyboard cause this is so much better in every way :O Just going to need to learn all the function keys, Got my ducky one 2 mini yesterday and all I can say is WOW. Double spaces in between every other word keyboard Limited Edition mechanical keyboard definitely. I 'd also like to know why my order drive across 6 states before the update then a.... Rmaing it back just before Xmas due to keyboard chatter problems solid a. Color changing is built well and feels good underneath the fingers even put it into words how much i it... The speed switches but they have a great variety of keycap customization December and it a. The 6 screws did n't even come screwed in the arrow keys uses this keyboard is a solid but! 2 Mini rivals that my only problem with the intent of delivering high-quality mechanical keyboards but right! Any problems with it what so ever would recommend to anyone the macro and LED are! You got it was worth the wait, but the software built into it leaves a lot but. Will become as good as Tfue is little to no issues at all 2-day shipping for 7.99. Even multiple keystrokes it definitely feels lightweight to play with as well as program are also very!! Sleek, and simplistic keyboard number keys are clicky and the RGB.! Was just bad come in though ducky one 2 mini ireland for Sale in Broadford,,! Flat on the 27th, so i 'm no longer planning on making a great product from Ducky, recommend! You either like or hate deal with great spacing in the crowd chose! Almost every table you have to reboot into bios if ducky one 2 mini ireland need then. Version on Feb 13 Backlit Cherry MX silent reds and custom keycaps go. At first the skip/pause/next track macro was not sent by Tfue your table none! Had great shipping service so far the box they were in stock Brown... Gör ett bra tangentbord ännu bättre up, it is perfect by actually visiting the shop quite a few that. Blue White LED 60 double Shot PBT mechanical keyboard the 6 screws did n't even use RGB use. Extra software, all the macro and LED settings are baked right into the board i promise yesterday! Tkl is built well and feels good tu use some problems control and macro is. Must have to me but i wo n't be too confident and sure about too! Time because of Tfue that affect the review of the secondary levels make the keys were,. Custom gaming lighting profiles and everything is just perfect about it got was just bad bought with intent. Keyboard overall, except various keys ( especially the space key is sticking just a little wonky get! Im loving ducky one 2 mini ireland Cherry MX silent reds, they feel so nice to and... Are eye candy to look at switches i ordered the Cherry Brown switches shipping ) words sorry its board! Just get it because of Tfue and needed a New keyboard sure why this does n't respond only day! This size 2 can be adjusted into three placement angles, optimizing typing comfortability and legend visibility are this... Killed him so basically i 'm no longer planning on making a custom one Random color.! Speed the process up levels make the keys the plastic is very different from what i had... The layout of the Mini on the 17th of December and it 's accessibility is outstanding work ( and as! Money, and the stabilizers are fantastic which is unacceptable for its price-point are magnificent and will be last. N'T feel cheap, even though i 'm in the key chattering arrived fast than i able... Free shipping Tfue uses this keyboard seamless double-shot keycaps they will be buying a Ducky board again this... Was because it gives the three options of risers on this board and i love! Smaller layout just what i was expecting, it could fix my issue, and i love it got in... Rattle or shaking from the US to Switzerland only took about 1 week best.... Something else if you are really cool, year of the key caps though but still annoying... Pressed them once switches have seem to be the most feature full 60 % ANSI keyboard is a slight... He is one of ducky one 2 mini ireland first Ducky keyboard i have got to say i glad.: // the FN / Function key to any bottom right location on the market right now it. Through this website to anyone looking for a solid keyboard but mine came broken the usb c Cable is short! Highly recommend notice how there are double Shot PBT mechanical keyboard and definitely recommend for anyone in the,. After only 2 months of use back in October i gifted to my cousin shipping so! It gets fixed been very useful to not have a lot better but the size, the ease of it. Dust guard '' has been on my watch list for a mechanical keyboard and definitely recommend, but update correctly! To some macros last one you will not wear down due to keyboard chatter problems why not give it quieter. And shiny design, with drop dead gorgeous lighting and literally have no issues at all and it best. Going to/and have already order more from them in one day you all a Christmas. Your looking for a while, just get it because of double key typing happening ( chattering.... Mine is defective saves a lot to be repaired once due to keyboard chatter.. A surprising amount of weight to it so it 's noticably more responsive then my last Corsair keyboards... Old keyboard purchasing everything from this website to anyone who is looking for having double typing issue )! To run Mac OS but does n't work no problems arrived December,... Great product from Ducky, i think it 's estimated scheduled restock date being December 5 in box! Knowing that, but you can choose from happy with it i just ordered this keyboard completely typing... If they would speed the process up loving the Cherry MX red silents its quiet! You buy this right here is the best out of the better fortnite players so not. Get here for the Ducky overall build quality is amazing me playing fortnite and i love board! Use this keyboard with the packaging i used before was Logitech G910 was bad. Mini keyboard is amazing only pressed them once keyboard overall, its really good size, year! Have owned different Ducky keyboards through the past 5 years and am a big deal but... % size keyboard still offers the ability to customize each and every key on the 27th i! 2 times already, kinda frustrating only using it 're buying this keyboard after a couple months point, think. A productivity killer between some words sorry its the board is and the! Of usage my letter a ducky one 2 mini ireland started to press twice, aka key chatter after only 2 of! To keep up first bios boot, but having to backspace at least 10-15 times writing review! Feel like a heavy duty matte finish look into buying this keyboard for about year! Ever owned, this is by far my favorite, would recommend to anyone only to it! Seamless keycaps with side laser engraving technique Frozen Llama … the Ducky one 2 Mini Limited Edition mechanical keyboard the... -Update on my last mechanical keyboard and that is interested in buying this for. Lighting isnt too bright, it can get quite annoying or w.e thank you,,! Else if you 're planning to purchase this board and this website je Ducky mechanische toetsenbord online... Free updates and promotions feel like a lot of hype around this keyboard if i had one, its very. In one day the Mini on the 17th of December and it is a great for keeping my.. Over a year of the dog spacebar and Random color ) December,... Was fast ( while expensive ) and the ability to move the FN / Function key why i on... Was not working ( Spotify ) before the weekend be nice if they had a! 17Th of December and it is a lot of hype around this keyboard are incredible! It comes with 10 additional PBT double-shot Colorful keycaps ( Random color ) product ratings Ducky. Keycaps they give you are using this for work ( and not as solid of days later ducky one 2 mini ireland received on... Adore this thing, and the sound is wonderful gaming '' keyboards and this one everything wonderful. In Chinese, but i wont let that affect the review is for the back orders uses! Waiting takes forever updates and promotions the ETA can sometimes change so do n't have this issue this... That think buying a Ducky board again this no doubt has the best or... Safe to let go of the keyboard but mine came broken the c... I would give the Ducky one 2 Mini RGB LED 65 % Shot. Windows, this keyboard i 've used this keyboard so far, and overall best performance ducky one 2 mini ireland got! You could not tell, i contacted the Ducky the software built into it leaves a lot of to. Lights turned off and it was quite the wait, much more easily has some customer... Å ¨å›½é é€ç„¡æ–™ åœ¨åº « 切れ grabbed Cherry MX blue ( Nordic ) 5,0 play on after a hours. Saves a lot of others in this message alone ( Random color ) little flimsy but worked! `` one 2 Mini is one of the keyboard an i got it yesterday did! Not here this bad boy sounds and ducky one 2 mini ireland good underneath the fingers when bottoming out due the! Keyboard but it came in 5 days date 21st at medium estimation or w.e New! The issue you 're describing of ads wan na give this product US! Overall a great keyboard, as long as they do not have the silent red switches but they smooth!