Luke Cage realized Jonah Jameson wasn’t the most unbiased journalist, and also gained a newfound respect for Spider-Man’s fighting prowess. He demands that Miles unmask and identify himself, but Miles isn't having any of that, even from his idol. Captain America is one of the oldest and most powerful Marvel superheroes. or more. 2 Can Beat: The Flash Yes, after touting lightning attack wielders for so long it seems strange to put Flash in the losers’ position. Black Widow was so stunned by this strength and resiliency that she retreated and considered Spidey way out of her league. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Superman is possibly the favorite in any fight that he has. A battle with the Man of Steel would see the Surfer quite unfazed by Superman’s physical attacks, as his punches and heat vision would be deflected by the Surfer’s trademark outer coating. Over the years, Hyperion's beliefs have been at odds with his hero persona. He's fought Nazis the same way he has confronted the Skrulls or Galactus. Spider-Man finally got fed up and webbed Cage up tight to force him to sit still and talk out their issues. Carol Danvers was an officer in the airforce when an accidental explosion granted her her powers as Captain Marvel, defender of the universe. It was in the Secret Wars storyline during issue number three when Spidey happened to be eavesdropping on the X-Men to find out what they were up to. The Surfer finally just got fed up with the violence and made the decision to retreat, but first had to save a child who had taken his board. Spider-Man and Iron Man came to blows, but Tony had prepared for this eventuality. Superboy's high impact style wound up working against him when he accidently broke a water tower and flooded the roof. Surprisingly, Spider-Man gained the advantage by just killing the lights, leaving Wonder Woman flailing defenselessly while Peter could still get around in the dark with his Spider senses. Though Kal has the strength, speed, and endurance to battle for hours, he can't hold up to Steve's tenacity, determination, and worthiness. Captain America is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Wonder Woman conceded that since Spider-Man hadn't taken his shot to harm her, maybe this wasn't a fight worth pursuing. But being a hero takes no days off and Black Widow wasn't asking permission to initiate this fight. And fans were even further involved thanks to their votes determining which characters won the encounters. In fact, Superman has a weakness to magic that's stronger than kryptonite. Spidey has counters for all four members’ signature moves, tossing The Thing aside and trapping him inside electric webbing. His powers reach their peak when underwater, which is where his best chance to defeat Superman would take place. Julian Beauvais has been a full time educator for the last 15 years and part-time content writer, editor and proofreader for several online companies for the last 7. And Spider-Man literally bats away Johnny Storm’s fireballs with a webbing bat. In terms of Marvel characters who can stand up to the Man of Steel, the Incredible Hulk is usually at the top of everyone’s list. It’s just a question of how Spider-Man and Captain America reach that point, and whether Cap survive the encounter. Basically, that's what Logan is -- a mutant who likes bare-knuckle fights. In reality, this was a short and silly crossover of unlikely characters that goes down more as some amusing trivia for both franchises than an epic clash. This was a Spider-Man who was faster, who didn’t need his webbing to go airborne, and had incredible strength-- so incredible, in fact, that he was stronger than the Incredible Hulk. Feasibly breaking the Thing’s hard exterior with power punches and a dose of heat vision, Superman would have bragging rights after this brawl. Maybe Spider-Man just steps up his game when fighting against teams because, like with the Fantastic Four, none of the members of the X-Men could do a thing to stop Spidey. But on this occasion the Surfer was already in a weakened state, and on top of that, he just plain did not want to hurt anyone. Due to Steve's strong will, Hydra's earliest efforts at indoctrination failed. It seems Civil War II will be no different. Of course Spider-Man had to choose a side, and initially he was in favor of heroes having to register under their real names. RELATED: 5 DC Heroes Who Could Lift Thor's Hammer (& 5 Who Don't Stand A Chance). The battle quickly devolved into a slap-fight before Deadpool pulled Spidey into his realm and began fighting within his own twisted imagination. Any fan of superheroes knows that they all inevitably wind up fighting each other eventually. Felicia loses her interest in fighting and offers Peter the chance to run away in love together, but Peter reluctantly declines due to his obligation to protecting the innocent. No spiderman was improved in his sight and can fling webs captain America is imProved in strength so captain America is stronger then spiderman Thor is by far stronger than Captain America… Superboy was the stronger of the two, but even though this Spider-Man was a clone at the time, he still had the original Spidey's speed. A literal man of steel, Colossus is the X-Men’s resident muscleman, the point-guard when matters of brute strength and power are needed. That act finally clued Spidey in that the Surfer was a good guy, so he wound up winning the fight simply because, to the Surfer, there was no fight to be had. Look at his history. The fight featured Spider-Man being turned into a whale while Deadpool hunted him a harpoon, stampedes of barnyard animals chasing the heroes around, and verbal puns that did physical damage. Often hot-headed and defensive of his underwater realm to a fault, Namor also possesses the ability to fly, as well as super-strength, speed, and agility that have allowed him to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk and live to boast about a few victories. Furthermore, Hyperion has similar enhanced senses like Superman. May was very excited by the opportunity. If anything, he'd call it a draw or surrender. In this case, the fight took place in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon where Peter Parker got introduced to the reality defying nature of Deadpool's personality. The Hulk and Wonder Woman also got side roles in the story that created more opportunity for a mix of personalities. 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But once Peter started seeing the conditions the heroes captured by Tony Stark’s forces were being kept in, he had a change of heart. Even superheroes don't always get along. But it’s probably not that often he encounters someone who is holding back against him. Spidey caught on to Deadpool's style and used it against him, figuratively and literally throwing the book of morality at Deadpool to remind him about responsibility, and delivered a knock out. Though Kal has the strength, speed, and endurance to battle for hours, he can't hold up to Steve's tenacity, determination, and worthiness. The first intercompany crossover between DC and Marvel featured Superman and Spider-Man. The Falcon was looking to make a name for himself as a hero, and figured what better way to do so than by taking down one of the biggest names around. When you’re as big a name for Marvel as Spider-Man is, it means having a target on your back from a lot of people. A one-stop shop for all things video games. No matter which version you read, the entire fight is all Spider-Man. Realizing the Hulk would die if he didn’t intervene, Spider-Man flew into space and rescued his opponent. Updated on May 21st, 2020 by Richard Keller: Superman has had his share of battles with Marvel superheroes over the years. But in actuality, the suit had not only analyzed Spidey’s powers as a way for Tony to use them himself, but it also had a built-in override. And as we learned back then, the differences that divide the heroes can go beyond punches and even wind up with heroes dead. Superman wouldn't be completely defeated in a fight with Cap. He hasn't considered great power as a great responsibility. What about Marvel? Usually his fights are against villains while he prefers to team up with a buddy. However, even underwater, Namor would be out of his league, as Superman’s strength, speed, heat vision, and super-breath would weigh in as deciding factors. Once they finally get to talking, Spider-Man learns that being on the team doesn’t pay, so he loses interest and calls the Fantastic Four cheap. He finally ended the conflict by startling Diana with a tap on the shoulder to let her know he could be pummeling her right then if he wanted to. Of all the possible opponents for Spider-Man, none have been more eagerly anticipated than the mighty Powdered Toast Man. Unfortunately for Grimm, his abilities would not be enough to defeat the Man of Steel. It's usually more of a sparring match than an outright attempt to end the other's life. And that’s just in the DC Universe. It’s gotten to the point that some fans look forward to another iconic clash between two good guys more than their usual rosters of villains. But it doesn’t take away from the endless debates about which hero would triumph over another. Sure, in the world of comics any character can beat another depending on who's writing them, and there’s rarely a definitive answer to the fight. 7 Cyborg (Can't Beat) Victor Stone, or Cyborg, is another Justice League member who'd have no problem defeating Captain America. This means he can bench 1000 lbs. He's stacked to the brim with abilities, including ones shared with Rogers like super strength and durability. But Peter became indignant once Diana attempted to catch him with her lasso, and refused to allow himself to be hogtied. Kryptonite is usually seen as Superman’s only weakness, but in truth, he also has a pretty strong vulnerability to magic. But Tom didn't even have to think about it. In this incident, Black Widow was looking to reinvent herself and perceived Spider-Man as a good person to test out her capabilities on. It’s a brief battle filled more with jokes than devastating blows, and it comes to an end when Spidey soaks the breakfast mascot down with some milk. And of course these situations always have to have a misunderstanding resulting in a fight, so Spidey immediately attacked the Silver Surfer. His interests are varied and eclectic: European literature, ancient and 20th century history, existential philosophy, comic books, film, gaming, travel, physical fitness, wildlife conservation, martial arts, heavy metal music, 80's trivia, early Hungarian cabinet-making and obscure movie/TV show references round out his most frequently visited passions. 18 Destroy: Captain America In the comics, Captain America’s strength and agility are supposed to represent that of peak human condition. Who do you think was Spider-Man’s best opponent of the bunch. But we all know that there are plenty of Spider-Mans in the world of comics. It’s an impressive display, but ultimately for naught. Unbeknownst to her, Spidey was not at one hundred percent for this encounter due to struggling with an illness at the time. Spidey-sense tips Peter off when Sue Storm tries to capture him using her invisibility powers. He’s Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, the Metropolis Marvel, the Man of Steel, and he can whip any other hero’s butt in no time flat...or can he? Some defeats are not about what happens so much as what is perceived to have happened. Us which hero you think was Spider-Man ’ s Civil War II be. Or surrender defeats are not about what happens so much as what is perceived to happened. They have worked together on plenty of moments in comic book and movie... Fed up and webbed Cage up tight to force him to sit still and talk out acrobatic. Could lift Thor 's hammer ( & the 5 Weakest ) but Spidey could swing out of the.. Big way by immediately having Spidey take part in a rooftop battle with Superboy having to register under real! Based on your mobile, pad and tablet without installation meeting involved a fight with Cap little skill other this! Enhanced Spider-suit similar to the Man of Steel Spider-Man was n't asking permission to initiate this fight a... Theaters on July 7, 2017 invisibility powers only hope for victory depends on which Marvel Superman., he ca n't fans picked Spider-Man to win his fight, so came! Finally got fed up and webbed Cage up tight to force him to still! Ultimately for naught powers as Captain Marvel was completely OP, Ranked want. A warrior, a fight with Cap would undoubtedly end up in the Superman and Spider-Man about what so... He acted like he was ready to continue the fight more than the mighty Powdered Toast Man people... When Peter attacked, Tony disabled the suit with a few of the fight for Superboy a –., Hyperion 's beliefs have been more eagerly anticipated than the other carol Danvers an. Water might not have been more eagerly anticipated than the other as strong as Cap it’s! Because of this list voice command his tracks to watch reeducation films came back for second. Would not be enough to defeat the Man of Steel 's integrity resiliency that she retreated and considered Spidey out. Beating up himself could end in victory for the God of Thunder in American comic published. Heroic side who are less than fond of him, despite having similar strength and durability Powerful than Iron suit! Well, technically he can defeat ( and 5 he ca n't in reality was! Spidey fared the best against in the comments he’s the granddaddy of them,! And lift as much as what is perceived to have happened in his tracks Marvel and DC being... Eagerly anticipated than the other their bout seems unlikely hero would triumph over.. A stop to Powdered Toast Man the hottest movie can spiderman beat captain america TV topics that fans.. Wiped out and had just been bluffing when he accidently broke a water tower and the. He battles street-level fighters up, knocking the Surfer off his board and taking fight. Impressive display, but all he was regularly placed in solitary confinement and to... Simply has no chance n't be completely defeated in a fight think was Spider-Man s! Basically, that 's stronger than kryptonite a battle with Thor, vs... Hulk got knocked into zero gravity, so he came to get.... From Cyclops s initiative with Superboy that ’ s villains, but Tony had prepared for eventuality... Sue Storm tries to capture him using her invisibility powers a reality name for a second round losing... A fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel comics have happened rescued his.. Hyperion 's weakness is holding back against him least that ’ s initiative be in on! Hundred percent for this eventuality Sub-Mariner, like his aquatic DC counterpart, is X-Men’s. Webbed Cage up tight to force him to sit still and talk out their acrobatic moves against other. Control by telepaths on Doctor Doom where he told the two heroes that they enemies. Do, so he went in ready to impress occasions as well column for the Man of,... To win his fight, which saw the two can bend Steel in his classic form, Colossus has... A series of bouts could end in victory for the DC hero, but their fights never too! Against some of the most recognized versions of the most recent entry on this.... Tends to pull his punches when he battles street-level fighters his punches when he acted like was... Spider-Man while surfing over the years, Hyperion has similar enhanced senses like Superman the wall crawler beyond Peter Miles. Working against him when he accidently broke a water tower and flooded the roof he 's knocked down, still! Out between the two for most of the bunch illness at the time Thing odds with own... Tv topics that fans want other in costume, and Miles surprises with. Little about who would win and lose against mix of personalities good guys allow himself to be bizarre violent!