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* What are Protected Rights?

There are two elements to the UK State Pension. The first element which most people are familiar with is the Basic State Pension which pays a fixed amount to you at retirement. However, the second element is known as S2P (“the State Second Pension”) which is an additional benefit reliant on a higher level of National Insurance Contributions.

If you have contracted out of the State Second Pension (formerly known as SERPS) through your occupational or personal pension plan the Department of Health and Social Security (“DHSS”), or the Department for Work and Pensions (“DWP”) if you have been UK resident, pays part of your National Insurance contributions, including an element of tax relief, directly to your pension plan. This additional payment is invested to build up a fund which will be used to provide you with a retirement pension, in place of the pension you would otherwise have built up in S2P if you had remained contracted in.

The benefits from your personal pension, in respect of you having been contracted out of S2P, are called protected rights benefits. Contracting out means that you could end up with more or less than if you had stayed in S2P, but does not affect your entitlement to the basic state pension. Prycewarner International cannot offer you financial advice in relation to protected rights and we suggest that you seek specific advice from your financial adviser before transferring any protected rights into this arrangement